you said say the prove to u s papers i will in new york as you said people made there money

they say put the kitten in as they use kgb words as to say police hit my face said barsterd now hit yor face show the kitten control it ok england i want the russia in england head qarters as they hit me over tgem and my face said with voice control tryed are hardest and said that the out come your face ok say a bout celebritys m17 ss ok hit me over men they set me up with but not the mccalla and sex in this flat all clean i was ok no more useing as they got other women face clear scar free

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5 Responses to you said say the prove to u s papers i will in new york as you said people made there money

  1. rastameaning says:

    hello big brother its a crime to hologram prince William a round and hit my face and show skin neck and show writing and say older younger and other people as well and in the flat as you know he got is own life and wife and happy and he like other women to be and there age left a lone and face hair

  2. rastameaning says:

    No one threaten arm legs face hair andhealth and Christmas coming for other but all big brother Lesley a royal decent hair all over my head thick as you said and on top front and skin neck and lips

  3. rastameaning says:

    I get my money not dead from drink and poor health for no cunt and car home as you said who watching who. Leave arms skin body a lone nice dress this time a year Lesley age money Lesley keep her long as other grow there

  4. rastameaning says:

    Get the most evil evil planes in uk Lesley will not die as even china Russia Italy say in usa as people riches miltary scientifcs can ver clear for life face clear evil will burn inhell and other who work for them for power greed long lifes there selfs

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