hit my legs for wanting to waer shorts ok show black women in the winter wearing there

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4 Responses to hit my legs for wanting to waer shorts ok show black women in the winter wearing there

  1. rastameaning says:

    as said other women lesley age skin neck firm clear and body ok and arms and house and car and gold and crimes an face who all most killed her and carrying on with lifes sex and ok

  2. rastameaning says:

    You Don. Create mark on face with royal control crime and hologram work electric electronics abuse when nures give Lesley blood pressure box to read the temperature for a week no doctor of great faith like angles should not be tooken the piss out of them prince willam secret service miltary army police mind control reading out of my life bodily. Flesh as Lesley face skin arm legs bodily. Firm as other you met as Lesley age in usa as to free life as riches as to hard working people it was Lesley who said peace world wide great ages 1010
    And 115 year more life great for poor and all it Lesley Poole mccalla where other printed this on web sights Lesley health make it and see usa and meet people thank you for printing i am a super royal desent as said when i met people no bowing. Down skirt say hope spelled it right one world one lifes for all as to ages great long ones as to older and children to follow in years to come technology as come so far and so great ban mind control its a most as it comes in so many forms as to human control

    • rastameaning says:

      Has so many forms to control human it a crime of wickedness’s to a human life and man made crime love peace health body mind ban mind control unfair to pick on people for fun when so many need to be found and looked after

  3. rastameaning says:

    Fortsbraggs. Get the Badest technology they have to track them down for useing website. There name USA only two women make it body and hate the thought to use USA name fortsbraggs. For any mean of Cruty and for mind control abuse

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