the royal roth childs only had me raped torcher as you said to your own super top gods

they show a black glove of her hit my face all day get me to say jane seymore as to her face age 65 year oild and her hair salons as it say the queen hair dresser  UN  say  IN U S A  only the vatican as been a crime of act on people lifes looking in two it ok they shjow SKIN NECK and hit me over putin as well  THE THE BROCH  the queen wear as to the russian as from the king queen as well they hit eye brow bone say with voice control smash door down nether ok they know the web sight is great as they got  SS SS SS  reading with me and looking as well ok they hit forhead bone head as well mike a cunt for them as well older younger they had ok cunt cunt cunt i own money to cunts and you know what there pride as well ok as i say this as i need help they was pushed forward they show hologram prison hand cuff witrh her crown on the police officer  hat you said fuck off all now her daughter got phone line as to  BT  ok as to theres as well ok as i tell you this show skin neck you said royal lesley age there great life clothes money and more and roth childs sirs                                     all

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