nothing to do with royal quuen and princes for control as top in london palace say uk

they show royal princes ok ghit my face show skin neck arm ok and make out other are in bed resting but knows what going on  they will not get my prove and i will get my money as the london palace said as for me to see military lawyers my self ss ok as some princes can plat clever ok they show otrher people throat my frienmd dead ate 80 years ok as his daughter lives a few strrt a way from lunp on is neck and liver he seen me be for he die with his daughter who a school teacher for 20 years now plus her best best friwend a doctor ok they hit mine as i been to the hospital where children been for utrascan to see neck thyriod  hope spelled right all clear for life they show skin arm say as clear as day a bout sex as i slept with some ones who a ethoipia  nothing to do with army one are private life all clean and ok personal ok they show cocks show skin arm say other dont have sex show suit case passport say get out as to this flat clear as day it been years now as to is work show drink and say dead kill cant  they say you will not see him any more as he on web sight hit my face go on a bout president man kgb putin but he  IS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME AND MY LIFE SEX LIFE XX AS A YOUNG WOMEN AS TO A MAN

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