mind control crime royal military for robots get find there magic witches and under the govts

lesley skin face is her not others ok as she know a black african man now as good freinds when we see each other ok and he not a cunt to see women faces fucked and other age up as tio crime computer control as to say drugs drink people need help it military cunts and there under grounds computer who do and crime control on human lifes ok flesh body ok lesley is nothing to do with prince charles and other as minds control to call his name as he was on ther news in uk as to do with the floods ok its  paying moneuy out as to renew there homes its not him ok my mind is mine and they hit my face as the other night a gain had a sweet night as to my friend we joke so on ok as i saw other swear on there gran childrenb will not drink know more ok they hologram drin k when i call as part mind control the royals the courts are wicked crime control on other human life ok hitler is dead ok i want my network as to the people i kn ow left a lone as to getting off the case and out of prison ok where the children dead some are litte time in prison for being beaten to death and some missiing  and lot more stories back off military for your little cunts it is roiyal crime military control crimes ok and lawyer and more in side there they made there money and noone a cunt for there robot mind control to do a crime as to some thing fore cunts and see other lke the eleite celebritys who you want and other to have a life age more uk world wide some picked on not right ok for mind body flesh  

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