mind control crimes royals Mk ultra uk crimes children older people Lesley age still young elite celebrity’s

as other are are they who got the worlds money boat as richest  in the world as to a man ok now as you put Kate as a name on the web sight they hit me show prince will and play clever as to name you never and the all web sights put her last name and Kate is not her real name they hologram the queen and in sight to her voice and hit lips and say we wanted others not to know a bout you and hologram Putin as there are riches in Russia they hit feature on my birthday 1st of feb and show blooms flying and cakes as on Google to say happy birthday  hit face show legs and they got her the fucking money great lifes show jane abbot flat put life electrics engineering lines and in a ball a cross the belly to make pain with control show drink as to there shop which sale Russian vodka   it a cross the lips show black cocks  i will got controllers get the photo copy’s ok pope are lairs and with in the games as you said to see other be leave in there games truth and wickedness for other to be control and 666 is a crime as act to life’s money hit face show lies over there skin and co lours of eyes the royals show a small red electrics engineering  dot  they got on a bout knight school small money show Jane maria and other have it and see martin sue ill health and cunt up stair worked for there wickedness and words as you said you take over control as i been hurt and you as you said took the piss out of you hurting me and seeing other have life’s health money food clothes cars face scar less broken bones on faces and Russia warned and queen royals stay a way from her face lips skin and mead it death for the mob as the London u k palace say you looked after cunts and black women lips she not Julie ok from wales and shot and with 9 children uk as a cross the road from prince of wales pub it happen in UK Bristol leave her skin neck royals and stop saying with voice control mob cunt you want her out death death but want other livening as you have popes as well seen children dead baby and other fucked and royals know it some where gov ts and mind control crimes a buses rituals ok its the royal African they got as well on Google say help stop the white royal crimes as to skin neck rituals as lesley own gran mother who ,left her money for things who past on ih her late 90s had her own great skin neck and the money lesley had for co them road new bath room but give some to Lenny got the recipe jane put it in the flat new bathroom OK wanted me to drink beer as they royal kings queen did drink it and forced it on others crime OK to see the flat a gain the other night come back here and see this shit house and see baby kitten as you know i call him took the piss out off you and u s a as to the gardens as well and show her legs too me 

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