russian nothing ok not even number 10 ok mind control crime and flesh hit to put on skin

look ok lesley will get new surgery doctors from u s a the queen don’t own hit and the president dont OK as i say this hit leg skin a gain show black glove and  her and wedding ring hit legs to feel the hit ok now in the sun new paper years a go i had to talk in the flat a bout models ok and one was under weight years ok but picked up and it was by her knee nothing sicken as to see flesh ok and the blood on her legs ok after this week after had to go  new agent  shop where it sale paper in there was the queen looking at the models leg sat on a chair  as i tell you give in sight to there computer control science crimes as damage skin leg arms as god god god look down ok as to say you don’t put power a round other to control as it a crime as your greed loved ones are ok face skin body life clothes car house gold money Lesley age is ok  as kurt gods of a scientific men who made him a men and of black skin flesh lesley never had this as to mean you ar wicked after he ;left and it was private how we was and sex with out a con dom as you say with voice control fucked up her leg she wanted to where shorts go swimming look at some black men you wanted a round lesley and took the piss out of them as well and hit lesley sue have to stop going to davids lovell she not going to be used for older people and die lesley wil get her leg skin sorted out to how it was and her body and money as kurt once said uk england crime to women and men  lesley nothing to do with marine kgb ss and other m17 6 and other numbers ok as to see other fucked up as to flesh lifes mind as to crime control computer work forced on mark flesh body and forced to drink as well and play clever ok and see other used for sex prison and so on and see other women just like men used but clever as to some men women carefull and cunning ok you had no right to show other royal computer African and beat lesley skin flesh on her legs and show other who had children and gran mothers as gods control other lesley is as they said nothing to do with kgb Putin and hit my once as they got it broken as the news paper show the queen loved one in there with a broken nose he dont have ok like the queen lie over her face they all don’t and flesh and other cunts for there paper magazine  with over weight women lot bigger then me showing there legs skin damage and show them slime with firm silk legs body ok 1800 is over it 21st century ok to even prince of wales killers ok who say i am right ok who i would never meet as in person Karen did and dead like others  they control me to curl my legs up and hit some time for military control to lay on my back and curl legs up and hit body skin and it hurt how they do it ok i need to see other doctors to get it took out smooth ok as to the lage money i need as you said now and get photo  copy ok i make it with liver as i say a bout money show queen black glove ok and her cunt as to other hit face ok the queen is nothing to do with other people money and other roth childs 


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