mind control words take over as to the royal scientific s as mike be long to some where as a man or took over as to words

hit my face as mike said a bout the queen name OK now as they wanted me to eat OK chips sausage ok wanted me for a long time to try and get me to bye it but now as i pout this want mike to OK sweet man but now he speak a bout Germany as well OK as he speak it as you know my part id different as to the German they know as to might be very poor as you know as to geography as if you can get most might not for other to know as to my life’s as to century s AD BC times ok i am no fucking joke for the unicorn and other witches as to there cunning mind words take over back of govts Putin nothing to do with me and others as a KGB man mind reading and tony Blair secret service  police OK as to govts mind reading as well and M15 CIA ok as they hit face show others and just hit skin neck over mike words they try to twist top super annalists over there watching me big brother  they just hit my fracture on my forehead and show 666 Jesus Christ with thorns a round is forehead with blind white eye balls looking at you with a royal crown as they show me straight a way with there control words to write and put it in co lour as to show with hologram work the same time her crown the queen as you know for this its a brutal crime that will be found with super top mafia 

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