mind control thoughts shout out words sex and private life watched crime as to royal noise with military govts

hello as you know as to AJAX S  stpauls Easton Bristol England OK  and prince of wales ok i had to drink lots and go to both palace OK met some one i new year s a go on and off ok we had a private time to gather OK and they hologram be for that as  a bout sex and got me to go to jane and call a govt name as i told you ok now  it was ok we are both clean talk and i know its the royal control over him as to mind control as to military  and KGB as to there control as to the palace he had to go like my self they control me some time what to write but i know they think i go a lone with it some time do and can act as to other to see it they are under control as to words and physics movements OK as to there s OK as stpauls even to see if its put Russian but as to there as well to twist you to say part German England Russian as you know they got there state flag nothing to do with us even we could make a another flag if wanted  ok they say things a bout flesh eye hair skin they show others even hologram the guy who i know from parts Ethiopia and OK peace full as they are with in a means OK as to the main man was he came to London met people said he liked all races of people as you know he top royal is self  OK as i said this they show skin neck and show but travel it a cross my mind the same time they show it and show it firm  she OK i went to the flat i had for 11 years had to drink in here but will not die as she said great women nice people i fucking will not and will not drink they show drink to day a gain bottle can and say drink to death take pills i will not die as you said and time you mean it nothing to do with the roth childs and the queen and the princes OK to see people fucked up drink OK and there gov ts OK they hit skin leg as well  i make it ok as said show face skin neck to control and obey  and show royals and get my mind as to them and show royal gun and Russian gov ts and show in sight as to control with there scientists   SS  not Russian the queen and face skin ok they get them to call there names and talk a bout them to other people not many as to see who they want to control after blair wife nothing to do with me and [Putin and president u s a it’s others ok not royal games ok and older engineering ers  as older military ok as they got there life as to them they get you to talk a bout sex cock and minds drugs drink knife gun clothes food gold houses money life in its self but other under control to have little and see other used and not as i am in here hit legs show other going on holiday

day showing look alike as to kate with white shorts on as i see some one else with them on tanned as i tell you hit face skin leg stay a way from stpauls William as aftermaths said you done a crime  OK Lesley face her and skin neck legs you got Kate loved one ok and nothing to do with princes and the queen other got there own life big world out there greed people give fuck all to the palace get a enough ask the billion airs London not poor people middle class billion airs take ten mins to repair it as to them the London palace they put on the news uk ok many people large 

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