mind control hit show royal African matches face burn sponge scream shout words

got mind as to there voice i got recorded my self show in sight as to mind take over the pope in the Vatican now and show drink show hard sponge and face burn show words as to scream shout show drugs as you know lot take it and lungs body cancer free they control me to say a bout the palace saying nice staff they are some been great to me on the phone lines younger older ok want me to tell you as to control say a bout age as well i want pill to stop not being used out for the elite roth childs celebrity ok annalists computer gods all day show drink livers body over the years show words the illuminate not for other men women not and not gade and younger women older babys for others to have boats yacht  sea sand and body for there to look fucking good for the news papers other men elite celebrity’s and faces for sun tans as some can make look fresh if not all and skin neck face firm arm legs big women sun shine physics men gay men women and not all sizes big small bit tit small 

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