you said at all cost leave lesley middle skin neck a lone all over and body legs arms

ok show top lip and say use bleach cream hit eye brow bone and near the temple show in sight to skin arm but like holly wood the celebrity with links to uk breast lips face clear with no surgery treatment to keep it firm clear OK they show president u s a face chin OK he a man he got a wife as to her own look face skin neck and it firm and arms ok look just hit kine a gain you said looking for KGB CIA and there scientific s computer skills as to mind control and human t ocher as my body should be left a lone as the network as to other women as  OK black ones as to Donna arm ok skin neck and other who been in ajaxs in stpauls Bristol UK England as women older them Lesley age body skin arm firm and face and fat they show Kurt naked as well hit me as we was to gather and had sex a few times and i was not like this hit me after and ran words a cross my mind and called me slag for sleeping with Kurt as we was OK but the flat did play games as to me with him but not at first hit my face as i tell you OK say is new women OK  as you know as i tell you this with voice control say or right Lesley or right  as you know i met johnny Depp in this flat and he took it top off is body skin arm firm and skin neck lips as we joked OK now they say he OK getting married to amber i don’t want to know why should i want to know i got my own life like he as why would i want to no that for as i say this give me in sight to the skin neck look i got loved one in Spain my age ok and other have and there skin neck firm  look jenny bins my friend as i could be close  as i got her number ok she my age lived in Spain for 7 years got over ill health there she my age her face firm skin neck firm body army we want to school to gather she new my mother as well and Jackie brown and other ok and see them over the year they control me not to phone them and hit me i got number and other black women they just said fucking cunts we been with there lab and other telepathy minds to enter in a voice 

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