keep takings my thought over as to speed 101 great lot less as to there words to shout out

hello took my mind over as to words to shout out at speed as to as its printed on the web sight as to the speed  show lips as to computer hit as to look as to other but show other as to age but as you said a crime to me as other women world wide don’t have the same and say it god not all is mafia women as you know i like hospital and to see other people get better and have a happy life and loved no need to get to say any different as to words take over ok to suit them as i say this show in sight to older people skin neck arms and not every one the same as karan children mother met prince of wale her son love the photo of her and i am not ever her age like l;ot in the world is not but if she was a live her body skin face skin neck would be great like other ok as i had a photo of my mother when she was very young some one stole it as you know  never mind get more now as to the lips hit it as to i seen other but past on in there 100 years and over  they look as you eat like three cuts  lines but not as to the left side of the lips and shoe a little nip of the computer as to art work as to make a little one as to mold the lip skin on top i never have that ok and under the nose as to top lip show like a line as to where a cow earing could be as to a roll scar looking way  as sally a cross the road from maria hogen jane abbott as it look at her top lips ok as they might try and hide it ok i need new caps as to teeth and will have lips in plant who made dental work super rich most see and have check up as well all over the world as you say as well ok as to mine they show Hitler as well he dead dead dead as i said this think there better then you show arm skin a gain and travel there pretty jenny parson arm and face to me at well in her 50s who doctors is bath building Montpelier Bristol England why the other one go as well from ajaxs who robbed me in the street twice for my cross and chains the doctors there are great there have there own life and don’t know other do they ok the other one go there as well who sale crack and so on the doctors don’t no who work there there skin neck firm skin and arms home great ok now a women get this ok name as Claire big-gs at her HMP working in the garden Katie burs ton as clarie was a crack addict who beat her 8 week old baby to death and got 8 years in prison got beat up in there with a mental bar  ok bye 

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