ok hit say can not track you down show big brother eye

hit face show arm show face playing clever ok show electronic ok where the children save being beaten to death where there screams where there bruises all they show is royal military boot police hand cuff and hit me show johnny Depp face making out as to is skin neck as he was on the TV it was me who said skin neck but on tv after i met him but might went over the tv screen to look real ok as i see it ok now  hit me show women in the paper as to older in there age 65 year face ok body train celebrity actress go on a but gade white ford as to saying bastards they been to gade show Kurt as you know i know him say he got a new women black one now and hit my face show legs show boat show body as to walking a lone the seas just took to strands of hair show other people hair as i say bold minded  they twisted the words i got to shout an d say i never said that they ta-val it a cross my mind with voice control as to the internet excess Google said clear it as to India u s a and here they show shampoo the roth childs UK as you say they got there own women face hair thick some long shorter and women Lesley age face clear skin neck firm ok they show power and hit and show hologram work as to the big brother eye say want you out lesley want thew flat show Jane resting and up stain show in sue flat with martin a white cock going up her ass as i sat down but sue show me photo a lone time a go she is sweet ok she got mental health and when she not in that flat she is a great person so so kind and now she want to rest as to call it her home martin said he seen the hologram work as well  they show other people chin as to other people face in there age 65 years  as you said born with my own like other women show black hooded capes with hands putting moon in one pocket world in the next  say make out other as to there computer voice saying want you looked after and gade  you said back off you are going to look after other who are a danger to other and for money as you said other need to be looked after i got beat up and out of the police hands the mccalla are ok as they need not to take drugs like many in the world now as to 21st century and as for the children as to mind control  some people can take it some not as you no all walk of life take it rich or poor as you said  not enough rehabs health farm no robots people do have there own minds as you said and left a lone and not to forced to drink as to liver and heart and so on people have there own body as its a amazing as to how human life is built up as to a human being from birth bless the top who every they are to love all  as you know there are great story on you tube as to this all over the world  as you say now mind control need to be looked in to as to crime control as to picking on a human in there home as there are great life’s and the one is children not to be hurt i seen so so sad stories on youtube and why so wicked as to doing it but great some will never see life out side a gain as from the prison walls well thank you for understanding my life and you sad it was sad and how strong i been and show respect now  thank you it was not my thought its all in the past as you said i am not my mother let her rest in peace now  like other mother in  the world if it was right or wrong but one thing she never murder any one she was just a women who give birth like other well good bye for now my friends in the planet world be kinds and love it cost nothing to see other happy with a smile and to care with a true heart so many people re happy and in there own words some i make what ever happen i can not explain that only know the best i can now leave my skin neck a lone and body as they have other and home life and clothes so many other born to have it better then some and show arm skin ok summer coming fore season billion air as no right to find out as to other and other cia kgbs see a women hurt and hope they can hide it as to scream and so on celebrity there women got there skin neck firm and the men and some as depp is with a younger women why as you said pick on me o yes i looked under my eye lids my eye be OK and see for life brown eyes look they even make out its big brother talking to me as well you said it wicked to control women in such a mean way and look up to others as to life’s money  as i said this playing games a gain as to skin neck you said you find the army as the London palace said feel there a mob  leave me a lone as i look at clothes in the window or control to look in and knowing i got no money they get me to look in the mirror and show skin neck  if i want thing to bye as to home as to kitchen show a black cotton glove ok and just hit my arm temple  as you said and like million cancer clear as i had my check for 25 years as to cancer smears tests as women do you understand i make it gods and as they said some thing hope to put it a cross my mind the same time they used there voice i will make it computer gods as you are keep the good work up love people as you show a lot of women from u s a with clothes hair done face clear and my ages and in magazine 

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