mind control crime leave women face arm skin a lone uk england

ok as you said think there top KGB military mind reading  abuse-er scientific will be found as to even big brother can turn ok network you looked after a lot of women even jenny parson who bigger then Lesley body her face skin arm ok evil will pay for women and children cult money  that all other do it for and see other have a life crime ok govts scientific will be found OK you messed up as you said the wrong people  you said years a go leave Lesley face body a lone skin arm as you have black people and white and find cia KGB and other Illuminati other women great ages celebrity’s with other people life’s got great face with out other people no TV song acting super top top top top an-lists will find with super top military who will turn to say a enough to women child and faces body OK not all is sea and boat sun shine there children life being hurt raped and women hurt and want there own look skin and age  no hologram work soon celebrity’s and on other OK children missing other scars OK for films people mental health supernatural films other make not all wicked but times as change and you don’t control health like man made cancer to forced on aids and other ill health as you said to do a way with people bless gods looking down lets have peace love ok people to look as they want not forced on with look face skin ok time change with lots of technology to keep face clear thing looking OK celebrity elite for older women as well ok 

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