mind control crime neck face skin body flesh firm to other top military

look trace and see threw there house TV leads cables and more who with eye who made life’s from time OK kill find if you have two as to killing seeing children dead beaten in there house dog cat more used for a buses and for scaring people face limited people life home life OK for other to have one not every one ids evil to see others have a life wealth clothes lands mansion car boats  face clear there own hair all over women  this is nothing to do with roth childs ok as a abuse mind control rituals are a brutal crime on other top military put the kettle on make a cup of tea cooker on make food front door satellite  shopping clothes shops walking stop car red amber green where are they  love peace from me lesley mccalla ok not every cunt need to be hit on the face and other women having children older ok even in there late 30s so great women face clear feel great with money so when child 5 years old there 45 years old there self  ok now they hit my right eye bone all the time and hit the other eye brow bone as to where  i got beat up on  no one threaten ill-health as you said cancer clear i am as you know great hospitals celebrity s been there and others and health great and in there late 70s all most  arm skin ok they control my mind as to hit and in sight to say i will hit you 

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