mind control face a abuse crime roth childs good military

look all the things as to roth childs riches control over other people life magic other means well some people get what they want as to houses clothes boat holidays nanny butlers ok  but who made all lifes and lands waters sand and day light and sky and night time car planes ok mind control on women and mind and scar and voice control hologram work a crime and to live in shit limited OK i will get my own money military web sight with great eye sight even eye balls clear under the eye lids the roth childs dont and govt own web sight and more to control and turn off ok military labs ok as said other women hair thick when grow it and face clear ok sorry a bout my own children dead as to the crime as you put on web sight mu life carry on ok uk royal with out your drink forced in to people OK and stop showing engineering electrics and black gloves with hologram work and other see it other don’t don’t hit skin nose to show skin and lumps stop showing with royals and roth childs in this flat only 57 reddland road bristol england uk dont put address on web sight as they show it in this flat as jane abbott met the royal to talk to you said white man in ajaxs lesley can not and will not to talk to royals as to her friend from Italy karen ok who mate princess of wales ok  and came to lesley other flat 40 a cothem road Bristol a few month be for she was dead on the floor from drugs in hotwell Bristol UK England dont show royal prince my kitten OK and arm skin OK with other top roth childs army secret service will a gree bully be fair royals in UK nice Christmas you have had as top military as to even your gods why did you go in to ajaxs in stpauls bristol england see a women face black and blue and other play clever to pubs in upper easton uk bristol queen head pub leave lesley face skin arm body health a lone uk ok money money money money money 

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