feel tere better harder then you and hope other and truth will not be found s you know 666 beast is a crime to hit a women face to say a mark as it state in the bible as to means

the London palace said find the mob as to even secret service as to masters and military and more as to other love lifers flesh make up clear skin ages money OK and health lands mansions grass water ok all for there selfs crime ok let other have life food clothes roof as to how they want and bedrooms soaps more super gods lap top military labs spy computers ok it our private lifes not govts ok as are they worried some of them as to greed why do others in there home have to be watched like a fucking robot for drink drugs health and in hospital look at the children beaten to death every week ok and other made up law for robots as to playing music in your home and hope you lose your flat and court like the cunts up stair from me ok a gain i will not as you said rest for me no drinking as to beer and more OK govt ministers you don’t see the vine yards money celebrity elite other will not die for you and there fucking liver ok not all are evil we will have now great on our side time is pleasurable 

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