mind control crime ritual a abuse beaten forced to drink hologram work voice control crimes

hell got me beaten forced to drink hit on face forehead to do it and bye it from Gloucester road Bristol UK England they shout out shock treatment hit me hit knee cap show skin arm get me to go to ajax in stpauls Bristol UK  England  control Kim and baby gade hope other links other dont do any thing it a crime on human life’s mind control crime OK and electrics and with voice control say out of this flat as to jabne Abbott give me this flat for mine ok jane Abbott as to cothem are in Bristol UK England OK they show govts and other as to like they are life form and faces over other people body  my liver will heal up and i bye my food not under control as to no money as to food i like most time as i had to drink no more  as now tell you the food from u s a liver Bible to look after it i will it been hell they control me with hits look this is a crime no magic ok police officer who came to the flat in cothem road had bottle in her face the scar ok  i had two and me hit the head all most could of die i make it never a gain i got beat up the other day  i had glue but look  at this went to martin sue ok in cothem road ok that night it happen the police office who came to the hospital was  pc sue  i never have a another mark on me a gain  i make as you said other do and lifes carry on for me as it as for other as my own gran mother would say roth childs  

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