mind control hits smell run as poo from bottem beat on face voice control in sight to royal princes name older younger crime tio face body health

as there health ok older as in there late 50 60 70 my will pick up top mafia who wan t little cunt mafia who hurt women children out side and in side there home and greed who make homelessness as to lands greed london celebritys and others lesley is nothing to do with riussian ok and putin as he got is loved ones ok and face body clear and health he can notr sit a women in a flat for 11 years see her beaten broke face as to n some word control to spell wrong take my mind over as to tell you in this flat never be for ok military super top who will will with computer cable and more find cunts who hurt people and play mafia ok lesley need rest you said and bath like there evil do and games they play and there heal;th are ok they try to fool lesley the most to see her fucked  well she make it ok celebritys face cream top treatement nice to a women face and hair and teeth body slime clothes

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