mind control wickedness and crimes it is the queen secret service that need to be found military ministers cult magic

hello they hit top lips as to control ok show her son wife with clear face top lip and him my age and skin neck firm look at sally with her top lips and see her daughter have a piture of her in the room the queen smokeing weed  ok i had to go in that flat where there chipmonk  sweet thing great not is thought ok as they was here in words of mean to and be for human lifes ok they got my carpet of me lights and bed i had to meet mike after i moved in who know maria hogen ok as her firm in the middle top lips skin other sue with martin any way they got me as he said he would help with giveing me some money after a few time i said i will give him it back ok  as i will aftermath news ok gods tv paper more xxxxx ok now he want in a mental hospital for a few week name after them now call is angle after the queen dad where is my ring gold one show her military cult police hand cuff look be fair they are not the only one in the world with children ok and children born every day to there own mind health clothes not all mafia killer for money and lies cheat land house they got every thing they want like other cunt have well fuck opff out of people life mind health money human flesh and showing women on this road in there very late 60 70 years old face as my sister mother face and lips on top was great and cheeck where the photo cothem road amnd see her last born lesley top lip are her and firm ok all over prince of wale pub like the black women ok sorry some world wrong ok why hit me over jonny depp he got a youngerwomen it say 25 years so fucking what ok dont mean you fuck up other people face lips and say older  i see dental doctors and not old market bristol ok i see lawyer soon no one got the right to rule all people and life london a big place and russian is there own fucking state flag ok

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