mind control on lesley poole mccalla crime voice control to here claer as day got live recording my self of him

ok look they went over kurt face a lot ok as to even make him look not him ok but show me burn scar on my face he4 got a women with clear face look i am nothing for my mind be took over as to russian ok they got there life women and with there own face and scar free not all mess up celebrity eleite are great places there as kurt said is friend open a bar he said i get my money ok aftermath news health be ok as other are my gran mother would want that for me as she got great gran children and not are all the same as to mother gran mother so on they got there liufes body flesh mind as they would want and that normal one word wrong  life s  ok now after the spilt my life been hell hell hell they show drink bottle of it cans of it face marks it was bad be for but it been evil the last few month i make it ok as you said and i get other on my side this time and say the same look i tell the truth they try to kill m e with drink ok i make it ok repair my self  they show hair kurt had long thick dreade lock ok grea\t hit chin show other as to 77 years old as to a line a cross there but might not ok  they show women face skin get my mind as to the uk royal where will met women my age celebritys as to do with money for children there face clear great left a lone look it royal and with there [part russian i think as to the beaten and on faces health ok why do they drink vocka and got to palace where the quen photo are of the queen ok plus talke a bout them ok and get beat up and why show hand cuff and hologram work and doctors police lawyer as the landon palace said a crime and on a human life control and say with voice control home less and prison and health life face as you know why find out other who stole my gold of my neck as you know i am telling the truth wear it cross and chains   love you all help and get helf for the other cunt s ok i had fuck all over christmas only hit show hologram work and drink i swaer big brother i stopp  ok

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2 Responses to mind control on lesley poole mccalla crime voice control to here claer as day got live recording my self of him

  1. rastameaning says:

    Control baby blessing I call him ok to come near my legs get me to shout and them wants me to smoke a cigarette ok he is great you should see how we cuddle. Up to each other ok it’s been abusive in this flat all day hit me I am no voodoo. Doll ok know my belly go flat had no children to say alive ok some women belly do when the full birth some don’t bit to much a bout mental health because it’s say on YouTube. Look like it’s mind control for pills control mostly as from tops experience. CIA scientist ok life changes and great but historian times most stop

  2. rastameaning says:

    Look images they show as there a engineering. Involved. In this as to army or military. Scientist Cia websites. Say

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