mind control hologram work show matches burn show writeing as to self harm

look help find it been years on the websight time my self to sort it out the other night was a fucking joke who do she thick she is in stpauls as to the pub who tell me i can not go in there for no reason as you know ok       sorry one word wrong i gain  i meant to say think  lap top plaing up as well    it been evil to me a women who say for people to have lifes and be happy ok they beat me up for it and seen other ok great sale no clothes teeth need looking at cap off as a doctor said all need work on it in the dental place now will not take stain off people teeth  ok it was me who said a bout people life in the all off history on web sights no other put other pick up on what i say and got credit there selfs  royston ok and other great as he and other been threw shit when other lap up the money big time and holiday  they went on a bout ajaxs in stpauls ok dont know why do you xxx

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