mind control crime military m16 m15

ok as i seen web sight as to the m15 m16 as to mind control crimes cia its a crime as to a life as to there place in london as other say ok now stpauls easton bristol uk england it wicked crime and other with in the game as to computer face as well as you know read this help find as well not just to print it ok as well here is the story lesley is nothing to do with the royal control witches mafia crimes as you know other are finding out the truth with great eye sight ok they got the flat of me for jane abbott nice new bathroom for portugal ok as son dad as got house there ok and land ok mike tale a bout angle ok get the name ok as they got him some where the royal military scientists ok crime as to they just give me shocks find as the real london palace said as thery dont live there prison or kill as they play mob to great women children hologram work a crime voice control hit to face body and gena side hope word right control some time spelling  so prison if not kill as they treat people like shit and play power with other peoiple lifes money long lifes other and physics and mind skin and eye sight

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