looking after black people skin neck one Dee and other who sale crack and not ok now seen him the other night when i was with two white guys ok hit my skin neck say older and they are the same age skin neck under the chin all the way down tight firm

its wicked evil crime as you said for other the years and hope they would not do it as they got me to see johnny Depp on the news as it said he a bout to retire OK they went over is skin neck but it tight firm on is neck OK  its not him or who he knows touch me OK  they said with voice control we pushed drink in you had a slight face lift  and show there African face scar free skin neck firm they never wanted to listen to what you said from kindness of your own heart OK London a big place with men women my age with face great skin neck firm  look got a top as to all most the same as depp baby mother ok  be for i wanted to wear mine as its in suit case  they said as to some of the clothes need to loose weight show if i where it show skin neck  on the skin i know the women i got it from who worked in the shop her skin neck firm my age he said don’t give a fuck with voice control a bout you and gade  u s a a big state she went there and not all the same a bout life money where people made it from  and other got loved ones in newyork and my age face great and body and skin neck as you said get lawyer and now stop smoking as people do and have face lift breast in plant and more  see your skin neck as you are looking at jenny parson Jill and others as to network now  and out of royal roth childs hands and London headquarters as to masons as to the royal Rothschild ok as they know people there self are OK face skin neck body ok it not just to do with money now OK it people flesh be fair Lesley met china Arab people from Spain India Pakistan u s a south north Africans Jamaica Italy Sweden Germany  Jews Philippians   tie-lands Brazil  well just say people from the world older younger face as my age skin neck firm and went to the main army base in Germany as well for break feat and great women there head full of hair long all over and men so so nice  they are great time then after a disco Germany hospital said never drink a gain as to beer spirits and long great life and stop now for life as they are great and most respect others people life’s as well as they got children  i go to Germany a gain one day i have the rights was there for over a year met people from u s a Germans Jews  ok  well look i don’t have to be forced to drink when its a royal party and birth wedding they don’t know there self as they know lots cant and there life’s carry on  as they get on with there life’s and there own minds as when i was in hospital  and had pills and air to breath why when i got in this flat show me a royal dog and got me to scream and shout fell to the floor all most and had to threw a plastic Jesus  what i had its gone and my angle ring my gran mother got me with the money she give me had it ten years be for this flat  you know some time thing on the web sight word or how they put things is nothing to do with me as it can and not other thought or things will happen to other playing game to you for control  as i say this get me to say queen as to the 2nd i told the place they said crime take over as mind they got there own life and i should have mine and skin neck firm ok  as on web sight show they have and there face ok but why control mind as to this area cothem cliff ton Gloucester road  and show faces skin neck arm skin say words write words to see as fitter weaker as you know when priest bless your hair and china as its a most for it to thicken up as to how it was all over and long its long just have a few ends  cut ok i be ok it was me who said a bout lifes as great ages you printed on as to 112 115 118 years and more thank you and for others making money as well some free life i make it as doctors said priest and  others as there are great ones even the roth childs  ok thank you happy xmas great new years for lesley and others love xxx stay fit people got children as well and to see gran children not my thought what happen to mine and why the control not to have any more 

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