minds private thoughts OK i love great minds OK and people black white mix race world wide love

hello as you said middle all over skin neck smooth firm face left a lone went to ajaxs the other night as its is private place ok now as you know we know a lot of people from all walk of life been going to ajaxs now from a little baby 16 years just ok mix and blend ok now in Easton ok as that pub went there with my loved father who would of been over 80 years plus as you know my brother used to go there with is black friends ok the night ok but cold if you want to where your hood up hat on in a pub and face not cover up it ok and no law against it  at all ok its cold some soon as they go threw a bub door keep it up till they get warm and some buy one drink and leave it not a night club as to dress scene ok i am cool great news as top gods look down i have this time stop drinking heal up but will go out and drink cold drink as to orange ok   i put weight on look i like peace when i go out as i told you and others a round to enjoy there self not to look up at some people and down on others people got private life and we dont no how others are thinking OK  Lesley be ok show in sight to arms as well my flesh is mine ok new papers royal and others my life and others now its been fucking hard  on some and great on other  i get my money lawyer soon well next years bless gade she make it and mother OK love peace health rest body minds great ages to lifes love xxxxx  lesley pooole mccalla  as you call me super clean Lesley  yes i clean up in this bare  place  up skin neck firm well lesley know a lot of skin neck firm her age tony Jackson and more  i went to school with him and lots of black girl s and all skin neck firm and the other black men women ok as i know a lot face great skin neck firm great ages  as you said not old and skin neck firm or i have it firm ok as women haveing children in there late 30s and that there 1st and helly Barry  think name right who acts and had a baby from a younger man the first one now got a another one she all most 48 years old skin neck firm all way was in the mag and news papers and jasmine lebon  she part Arab got place in u s a married to simonelebon age all most 49 years skin neck firm body great and face good so so many women now ok as to there own face not showing others to play god as to say look lesley at there face marks computer love 

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