mind control crimes in there houses flat where the children

hello moving out the kitchen is a mess i am no rat pig monkey as to not clean and clean when other cunts get maid butlers ok in london as i know it well mix with lots of people all over ok as to the celebrity as some are cunt and want other used for crime home life money so on OK as they have worked with cult find deal with it as other scientists will change there minds and turn OK as people do not deserve shit life for others any more as they got faces clean up for dress and hair kept long thick body tan houses great car ok out side want lands in the country side and other work all there life hard and middle class and pay 25 years Mo-rages  and bring up children OK but other free life and love there arm for of the shoulder dress so did make it and love to others OK heart in the right place beating with love every step they make and smile every day to see other happy well not many as the years go bye it seem selfish to me but hope as i said there are great one out there done so much for all races London UK now the world they try there best ok and will OK happy Christmas and new year once a gain as come my life been hell in the area and the flat fuck all in it as to room and kitchen but move out and by new as other do as the sale come after Xmas my arm need looking at now after this flat jane had for 12 years OK got mine OK as to see smooth out firm as she got her own body face skin she blue eye my loved blue eye as well but blond and would say your face arm mark free as your loved one would who normal and want what you want and hair thick all over as a china man said with is thick all over who i see i love London was there age 7 years old love it for life stpauls it was for the other part and cot-ham Bristol England women my age in London white with black man dreads and not face clear body small and not bout arm clear so on and me and love me its a shame OK with children and none heart strong no heart trouble tick tock sound great every day loved with loves and minds and body OK  as i split for kurt dont show him with hologram work to Lesley and hit arm skin and depp ok real super top Londoner  London a very very big place ok and i know that and i am loved there some where ok as to keep arm skin normal and body ok even is people put on weight ok black people i know and face skin chin and all over clear ok cunts and fit and can run and bikes love the voice new papers ok all and Lesley stop drinking for life as to top respects to val mccalla as is loved ones love there dad like any one do ok mccalla lesley heart strong body make it and be ok all face there own chin jew line face full stop as to all the mccalla would say ok  so love respect to all happy new years lot lot lot lot lot to come london england to us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx big time stop hitting Lesley arm face body ok as the African said and other mix race her hair thick as to even other say from china   great in London and some model hair there own and others down all most to there feet like silk 

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