Lesley was beat up OK show men and hit her face not with Kurt OK and hit my face over him got is own as a man and loved ones as show Depp show drink and hit to drink but mafia i have stop OK as to me moving a gain ok love to black people white OK i make my own money and still like a lot of people who are happy with in network i am nothing to do with u s a and Russia as to mind control game,es OK  my skin arm mine and face skin neck OK London as other black people will say and my hair my own think OK all over as i tell you they inter fears with voice control ok  as you said get my money ok govts game with hologram work as to the royal black knights as well crime and fuck other now i make it ok your cunt and some of your storys lesley hair thicker all over ok cothem cotham area Bristol England ok ajaxs and is women ok for 60 years Bristol UK and other where Lesley gold money gone cunts  the mccalla ok and lesley still and will like them for ever it was them who said dress nice have money gold OK and never never drink i will not mccalla ok they show arm skin of jenny parson and face and jill and say with voice control others have nice Christmas you say ok bankers with voice control say party s lets see the pubs then where the women hit lesley and thought it was magic lesley free she done her time now ok as other had a better time and money 

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  1. rastameaning says:

    yes been reading it my self a gain people are cunning wicked selfish and traitors as well and want life unto there self and some not all older people as i know but can be selfish if your younger OK as to knowing crime as other normal people say as to there own don’t drink and liver heart OK legs flesh mind face body left a lone in joy life money not all witches there is know thing as this web sight and aftermath new say the thing called beast 666 as other would say with voice control say jaw line the MCCALLA say African yes great people keep as to your own as from birth and skin round it as oyes phone the palace spoke to staff great to me said a crime and to use hologram work to control some one mind and see i phone a gain as model my age been there for dinner face great jaw line skin legs body

  2. rastameaning says:

    there know beast marks on forehead ok as to say look its a lot of shit ok

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