hello as Russia look lesley been threw hell they show eye lids show red spot and electrics now you said want house of roth child you said as  i have never been any where and others as to holidays and look lesley year 20007 and 8   had to go to cothem road and that day force to drink  in a shop where its poor  had to bye a plastic jesus ok after beaten had to drink in the kitchen where it was bow down to hit and on you tube i got prove look i been russia a very long time and with there churches of gods with in there state borders ok the show princes and beat me show voodoo dolls and legs and arms and so on as said you find now is the time cracks on the wall the royal roth child uk  they control as said you did crime for mental health pills control there mental hospital they women faces as to eye lids as to older people in thewre 80s and 70s but show women faces on top of a other body too look real as you move foreward control you not to go to close and speak  look in the hours as to morning say 2 oclock some times mid night they go on a bout face cream and brother sister dad and and he say older women with blond hair  but all as blue eyes and show me then in a form of a crab and then spider show others swimming and others as to holding hands as to royals  they control me a gain to put the sponge on my face in this flat only and show self harm the only one who done that as to cuts as to arm is jane abbott as to wrist to all most her elbows the funny thing is all most every one the same size now as to russia say i will see for life got my name with eyes as electrics eye thank you for that as to torched one women even a man is a wicked evil crime  love russia and there women and children top mafia who dont like computer control on a women and hurt 

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