hello they hit lesley face as to other powers   that   be    it   a  crime   to still hit face and took human hair i got the prove as to torched   ok  as to the road redland road bristol england   in jane flat who met the royal duke    but this is nothi ng to do with him ok   its other who need to be traced ok   now others pl;aying clever lesley take the fucking lot as to web sight to court dont give a fuck how rich you are ok who made the banks  we dont want german jews as to still play Hitler to see people hurt use and stave in there home and out on the street  they do not use techno as to science as to voice control travel mind to say you thought this and said this as part mind torched and beaten as a man said in Russian prison   dont like children hurt andf women he kill only men     ok on you tube in the Russian prison    ok its ok if you see a hand you can run fight back but hologram boxing glove and lesley on the web sight and others doing fuck all as to there evil greed  to other power that be   be fair a wom lost her child she was carrying   after could not have a another one as top doctors she seen said try a gain straight a way but the show hologram work kept her on her own hit face show older people be fair people having children in there 30s and late 40s  late and got large money and  nanny’s  ok now they put smell a round them as i told you and its not there ok it seem so real as to say it is but not lesley as to say to other with the same cleverness smell me and get the truth some where out there for there powers that be as as to the u s a said  look its Hitler  torched as to who you said it and got it printed ok get photos of my feet as well    look at the name for evil as look be fair it to much a keep the paper and name you no i am not keen on many people as to cleverness as to other people means ok  baby dead beaten a cross the head  the age 3 months old   how could some one do that and who else seen it  

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  1. rastameaning says:

    leave her face a lone and stop showing scar faces and burn you dont own the russia aftermath news

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