hello Russian s…

hello Russian state only as state flag as to web sight as to other working with cults Illuminati as said you will smash it up and there money as wealth with cyber s OK Lesley as had electrics shock a cross h border now tight and looking at corruptible means as to women children and more and in UK Lesley look at govt men Lesley age face OK and great firm skin neck as to sauna and physics great and older ones and do not like Hitler ritual torch er on women and of children and minds to read and write and spell and so on as part mind control victim as to all the things in life as to normal ok look as you said don’t want funny people working with mean as to say life now and treating people like shit as people get older ok they have there own children and face the computer lies over people face as you said can make eye look blue and face marks they don’t have as you said they go shopping as you said Lesley is still young glad now she dont drink as that there game to kill people slowly and she doing well as to the time she spent in the hands of others and now getting to no her own mind and who a round her people do lie ask why its a word with letters why we don’t no but Lesley telling the truth the govt got to stop showing the queens police and courts and so on OK as there is people out there wanted and will be found as to crimes on children and so on leave her face a lone the web sight choc a block as to people making money some money real and some not as this web sight say as to spinners and bank crimes and people as you said should not be limited stop showing people face men and hit hers OK as there wife’s OK from doctors leaver her hair a lone as other women as been all over the world Russia said out of put-ins hands will smash network and in prove people life as he as help as well don’t it her skin neck a gain and play game with monarchy voice control UK and and china try to fuck up a women who mean well never happen d play one against the others as to state s ok and show women skin neck in there 60s and leave her face she looked at men with children and and got face clear a round there fucking month and skin neck s to govt s in Russian no links up as to play games OK no monarchy as Lesley got paper work from Russia to play game to a women Spain world not and other states and show your little Italy men from Gloucester road Bristol and Cyprus OK as to 3 ZETLAND ROAD BRISTOL ENGLAND GLOUCESTER NEAR IT OF THE CORNER HOPE SOME ONE CAN HELP A BOUT THAT ONE THE MOST LESLEY TIME OUT NOW AS I HAVE TO SEE DOCTORS A GAIN I WILL BE OK ITS BEEN HELL BUT ONCE I SHOUTED OUT SO LOUD I WILL NEVER GIVE UP I HAVE NOT I WILL HELP

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