hello its even …

hello its even been hell as to baby kitten as you no i all way call him that he got fat and he not a robot i got fat in this flat as to a man said as to theUK program men make people fat as to who OK it was a bout very very big people bless them hope they keep to it and lose it there flesh was OK OK now they hologram i never new and only watch one film johnny Depp be fair this man would never do that to a women face and voice control and so on be fair why the games as to him and hologram him and others OK Lesley been threw hell face torch er body metrics a cross her that pain full look they hit me and Depp got is own body mind face and life i am a women held in co them area Bristol with mental people problems fraud as welfare benefits as to maria hogan renting a rooms for 19 years on top of that Jane lies they hologram all most ever day the monarchy police with the crown on well looked at web sight said crime to control doctors lawyers welfare benefits courts and police for others as i put people names as you said tell the truth as other are clever to find out i have well they take over my mind to say name and to royal and show people with black knight clothes on and a king OK and show cocks pink ones and its hell as control some times even words to put to words i don’t have bath wash hair and face every day no bed to sleep in on the floor in this flat 2 years OK now they hologram there wife as well after i look on the internet web sight to have a nose and plus under mind control they hologram rally my husband as well bless them all they would never do this as to mind they got there every day life’s as to friends loved ones and doing what they do and its private look as you said your front door should all way be that like mine should of been with out this hell never mind i will make it and move on and be me where every that went but i am not a fool its was hard learning as to my mind and thoughts a way now from the programming as to robot mean that the only way i can put it long years as a child un till now as you said but i will never give up in a way never did as to keep sane even as to the shouting and so on as you no long years 7 years on web sight day mins hours years day nights and hologram work to no how to push me it was crazy and now as you said its time to see other people free as to even mental health as to why in a way to others to enter in one its wicked and on children look as we say who see people under mind control it a crime as well let save all ages of life’s now and with the world to understand that as to even older people as you said now don’t use mind control as a weapon as to control for this OK like you said leave people flesh a lone as you see others and hologram lies as well i no some where out there is on my side and other pissed of as to this crime and don’t play clever as to Lesley she done nothing seen fuck all and others are a round her and who sat with her other the years rally as not a few other crime street control and in side your home they put awful smells a round me as well nice perfume out in the shops they say not interested in me and gade and gade loved mother some is and he large with love some where who made human life’s thank you web sight and knowing the smell a gain they put under my nose is evil control when there is water and want worth more then gold water and bricks and lands up set as to mine as to the mansion i had as you said 10000S YEARS I GO NEVER MIND GET A ANOTHER NEW HOME AS TO CALL IT ONE AS TO MIND AS JANE ABBOTT SAID AS TO MY OTHER FLAT WHO MADE HOMELESSNESS I NEVER AND OTHER DID NOT I WILL WIN

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2 Responses to hello its even …

  1. rastameaning says:

    Look as paper work prints out I got you don’t control my baby blessing to turn hope we fight I got to be carefull when he under control to scratch ok he so tiny as to face legs body they all are ok look websites. Real fortsbraggs. Now going to step in ok As to the real one been long Enough. As forts say government been mean control Army Military mind control as large says. Is a crimmal crime Fortsbraggs Operation pentagon a way from Whitehouse. As it’s different. Government. Ranks for mind control as websites. Say learn a lot ok as to even who there are once older photos. As to men they found them and there life’s super lived like only others could dream off very much wealthy as there places was great they thought they could hide they lived in a dream was found no such thing as to hide as Fortsbraggs knowsAnd pentagon as I spoke a bout paper work lawyers

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