hello Lesley as…

hello Lesley as you said don’t use her and other play clever and hologram Putin as he got a wife children and will not see a another women hurt as to face body or use for mind they hit Lesley face burn as to put sponge on her face they SHOW WORDS AS TO SAY KGB as you no lesley ruussia state flag as to older people in there 100 years as well bless them OK and you said don’t hit lesley face e as she as had broken nose i will send a fax still show kitten and doctors face made up as from a lab and blue eyes and show royal mental hospital as you said crime for gade and the Africa doctors who work there o yes as there women with there skijn neck in Russia don’t show it to Lesley and others ok i got photo copy of that as you said people are not all the same but can do it as you said Lesley young no car no children as been murder and not much life and seen other have one even Putin world not get a women under mind control as a x KGB he was and say skin and hair never never in is life and never will they hit her nose and bruise as you said good guys in London from Russia and got Lesley new paper ready they put smell a round me and its not me as i got to smell my self and temp ax and baby wide look people smoking dummies crack and they control loved ones as well in there house there is things to say monarchy as you said spinner will die hard and pain full there self and min d control over

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