sorry as to sp…

sorry as to spelling as they control me OK now they hit my skin neck OK and as you said NET O Lesley is still a young women and her sex whore are who had face lifts and skin neck pull Lesley on web sight to men and women from Africa and said ok to stay on there there loved ones Lesley age is classed as young and still have face clear and skin neck and loved members in there 80s and 90s and great and 70 60 great ok all ages and Lesley age skin neck face firm and they love Lesley hair thick as well as to there own spirits as well as Lesley had a man o live recording OK but the monarchy in London control Dave to take it and sale the prove i had on a phone OK he s kiss Lesley face and hair and so on ok great and he as is own women my age and great when people do this from other state flag others are not make out people can not mean this and hit me OK and all day long go on a bout age and past life OK people got fucking life’s and still having one Lesley sat with David at 3 zetland road and skin neck firm and all most 50 years Lesley younger and out look on life as you said great as her life was hell and she have one and travel and no govt health control as to human pigs as to feed in to spinners pockets and use a women face and so on and say settle down as to age Lesley children was murder off as phone call said as to top recordings from a doctor on the other side of the phone line ok as to what she went threw not drink it was what she went threw and she scream for them look who give the rights as a man in there 60s other to see grandchildren and Lesle in a flat with hologram work and say older leave my face a lone and body jane neck skin firm untouched and maria and she fat and Dave put on weight and OK i will as god from cyber space will have face threaten right as other playing cunning as to web sights OK as to the royal filter web sight s to set up mind control and others Lesley will have them bang to rights as to other OK Lesley on web sight what a french man done years a go and still there as you have open up a Russia web sight for me to say that net o

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