with voice con…

with voice control say wanted wanted ok and show hand as to the film with johnny Depp and that is nothing to do with Lesley and other OK and they get her top lip skin hit hit and underneath and show hard clothe to use and rub it hard with voice control and not let a women be how she want and waist years ok and say age and life and so on older scientific s ok back off and stop showing her royal and in sight and mind take over as to them OK as to even harry and hope no one do any thing and play power trip with military ok crime they hit Lesley face snow man and rain and sunshine and wind and thunder and so on crime lesley mccalla crime on her face ok uk and others

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  1. rastameaning says:

    Look it’s CIA scientific intelligence division Of The Cia mathematics. Website say ok look they Are to people ok then it’s like a other life they go to as websites. Say some it states. Are chief engineer so websites. Say so easy to look up at website. Ok now don’t like legs hit arm face no money control when pull of cigarettes. No bath no passport. J on Arm no credit card no money no holidays. What a bout me loved one niece. Jade hair bag full. As to torcher o kept but grown back long to all most bottom ok thick on top front crown but kept the prove with torment. A bout it china man blessed it with is own hands on my head massage. My scalp. Om great love him for it show skin neck reads USA research. On WordPress. It’s me who brought. This to attach ion ok over the years as website. Say got prove so jade me freedom long life

    • rastameaning says:

      went to pip court no money a gain its christmas ok but will win and see a other court as forts bragggs as to goverment control hologram a buse plus as usa said queen left englands years a go look will win pip ok hit a round skull and some tiome left side of face to fell the tec a round me ok forts said its gov and crime and others did in usa and others said got prove what other to see how they like it a buse face skull better stop david is a wicked little man in the chur ch still getting money and every mouth more then me and others smokeing coke and more i make it body a mind and the real gods will say a man they call gods or is it jesus did not die on a cross dont like pain and control

  2. rastameaning says:

    Look the creator ok this abuser is not English ok he is Latin he most stop using. Hologram. Images control dreams physically and body vibration on the body sound’s hit to face lips enough. Why so much in the flat Jane Abbott. Give me why use voice commands. Voice control why no money but she get hers and credit cards holiday. Day benefit s rent paints on top of benefit. Advertised on the websites to say them I got prove my self been doing. It for all most 9 years ok great but why have I got no money as it stopped one side of it and been unwell needs my life to heal and got hospital chair one as they give it to me as to no sofa after car hit me to floor ok tollet seat on top it and a few more thing’s. Ok spine be strong it was from a royal hospital hips but need rest knee got to wear a support. As to injury. Right now ok keeps me a wake at night. Deprive. Rest eyes corner. Very dark could tell more but that’s a enough. I make it my friends ok

  3. rastameaning says:

    Look on websites. They say a bout medial ok to who as to chief. So on as part of the knowledge. Ok but they had to learn ok the person who reached them never wore there own at the time to lean the adult ok now they can be traced ok hit skin arm as I tell you this there wife don’t have it on there own body my age still keep them young as websites. Say a lot of mind control. Ultra are married some order. Younger websites. Change what a great break threw to get the men and women who take part of this wickedness as website say glad its on there as it will stop don’t hit skin arms legs as to clear face clear neck ok men Lesley met ok Jane flat

  4. rastameaning says:

    Look what is silly rubbish. A bout skull as to mind control abuse cult Regionalisms on web say things I try to understand. But don’t hit my face skull sounds abuse voice hologram. Image’s. Ok want crimmal Electronic Abuse hits’ to body to physically. Control Harassment voice commands wanted crimmal handlers. Wanted crimmal laboratory Army For this grade of use computer use wanted crimmal. Now say on website

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