hello i am fed …

hello i am fed up as to hits on the face and showing scissors and as to hands in this flat as i had a film for 15 years OK me and first husband now in this flat as to Jane Abbott playing games as to showing arms OK and showing people face cuts and showing other men faces and women OK and its not fair they have there own life’s and happiness and great but wrong to pick thought and show then and hit me OK Lesley mccalla want her own life and be how she want to be better late then never OK they got there skin and skin neck and that them OK not me and as to the symbol as to the color in the hall way is nothing to do with me as to London monarchy OK crime to Lesley mccalla Lesley hair stay on her head OK as tops like you with your brains say OK to play power trip a gain this year 2013 OK got Lesley in a shop to talk a bout tony Blair you said as to web sight evil crime mind control he is nothing to do with you no as you have been on web sight for 7 years and no cunt done a thing but see you hurt and a crime to show other women face and hair and other science OK

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