hello they show…

hello they show me skin on top of lips ok as to older women as to in there late 80s and other who don’t OK and so on they take control with voice control ok and show skin neck as to ages in there 60s and other who are its firm ok they show face and so on and go on as to even physics as to age and control as you even put children on web sight ok and on my paper work as to them Lesley get face pull ok its evil and forced on and it look nastiness as you said the royal and monarchy don’t own people like that as to look at the queen younger son wife she OK and is neck and a round the mouths some of them smoke pipes and lips ok fuck off leave her a lone and as Russia said face lift and in plant you and other don’t get a way with a mafia and say health heart control liver and so on OK your mafia and London bottom of the list look after your self bye all mean but don’t fuck other people up as said no no children as Russia put on web sight murder and no fucking money in a old flat and you say age and shit welfare money people you want to have and its nothing to what gov ts took and others in UK all most 13 years lesley mccalla done and all the older mafia say is people older not to another do you and jenny and others cunt uk Russia will kill when you are found and web sight to all with others and even russia court and large payment

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