hello just wrot…

hello just wrote as to print as to send and its still a  bout he crime as to hologram work as you no  lesley to spoke to the  palace as to london and as you no as to  unicorn  magic  lesley get top top top lawyer as they said it a crime and said good luck as lesley spoke to 8 people  and she will lesley got to have a scan  as to the way they beat her ok  and show crown and medal you said they for them and there loved ones  not other people  to turn in sane  and health you want to be happy as there are look govts and them got lands and people  life is un happy now its a bout wel fair money and germnan  on the web sight as to new  govts now that dont sound right lesley had toircher and she scream  and they hide it and play clever look they  look after black peoiple and white but cunning as to who ok lesley no joke she a jew and want top mafia of her own noiw and win the case as to top lawyers ok as you said want her story as she got the real truth the royal no as to hologram faces and body  lesley been hurt and its down to others to find steve  who was hologram with will as he  never beat her but as web sigh say worked for the royal and other play clever

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