hologram wpork to see voice control crime and secret service to be found uk

hello as you bless lesley mccalla poole hair with the tops big brother  as to all over as you love china people  and you got lots lots of wealth as to people with clear faces and skin you said as to tops scientifics leave her face clear and her hair is loved as to women you show on the aftermath news they show word and say mental hospital you said to uk govt people need to be found  leave lesley a lone and there is crime as to welfairbenenfits  crime in cothem road bristol lesley had her cut down she get the check back govts  stop showing charlie sheen wife and hit lesley aand play games as to web sights as she is german jew and the road she on is france and spain and gernan and spain would not do that to her  and others ok big brother is not that evil  as people make think  she as loved ones and to see tham she as no car no credit card  no passport and all you go on a bout is mental hospital  and others makeing money and lies a round her  she make it with health and body and never drink a gain  you put her threw hell nad its a crime even putin  would say that and her life as when she was younger is the past  she is near a church to rest and get bless  and leave her a lone to bath and clean up  and she move on stop showing her live elerics who makeing a cup of tea  look jane abbott got all most 11/ooo pounds to spent live cash in her flat  and sport car and wel fair and her man as got houses in portugal  where is justice  tghey say getting out her life with voice control and say gutted what they just done lesley is cancer free  and liver and health will pick up as said from big doctor brother  leave her face as people her age on web sight and clear face and lesley not middle age over 10 years for that jane is  who lift a friday the 13 key ring and a knife and plasters lesley no mind control for that on her face and hope no one found out the truth she said as to others  and showing govts to her and other things and doctors and nurses and say mental health hospital and rest  the secound husband never  and others can act and lies and no computer cover ups and try and put the blame on others lesley is in no gang and stop showinh her the police and other pulled knife on her and robbed her and shop and go on holiday and drtive and sale crack dummy dont get her to eat fast and march up the road and but live wiggle  metrics lines in front of her and writeing  she lost her children broke nose and so on and black eyes  from cothem road and all you show her writeing and pill and say mental health hospital  crime she never go in one for that or health farm or rehab she can have a life like others and she never drink as to your spirts take over  as it on the web sight to smell and can tast what you eat and son on as part mind control lesely is ok and health ok dont give her a hologram work of a man laying down on her and run a mertics over chest to scream  stop showing other men from the web sight who act and got women and money and got to tranin and cream and beast in large and  got money and teeth and say to her fat  and show her body back she get her new teeth look google russia big brother say as she phoned up the palce and said crime dont hit her face to control her with figers and show words to see as to self hram as to that flat and play clever top top top top top top top top top top top police watch her and seee web sight  she got the prove and you beat her in front of others and show other hologram work  her hair as tp top top top top scientifcs china said and the aftermath printed it grows thicker and longer all over her head and stop showing her the cross and hair and never go a gainst a china scientifcs face and hands who love people its a sate flat people like to traval and see and stop say ing mental health  the royal got there own lifes and history nothing to do with lesley poole and any one eles  russia nos a bout hiden voice control and minster her thraot a lone she on web sight with rich people and with voice control stop saying eil bastards russia ramy and others flagssmash the meantla health act for mind control

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