crime and put this on big brother

hello as got great prints out a nd as you said a brutal crime mind control  and what is on the web sight as to cleverness  and a big crime let lesley ahve a life and see her own loved ones liveing  and friends and no drinking other now looking at all web sight crimes the palace say crime to this women leave her a lone and let her have a life others are  going to be found on all blogs and crime to this women who as dont nothing to  others to play games she no sex whore and as had a life as to control and it was a crime as others getting on with there lifes dont as big brother say even now in london use eletrics and waves and son on as her health be ok and neck and hair grow back she on the russia aftermath with  people who got loved ones and wealth and looked after great  now as tops as to even army in london waht all web sight crimes and will at all cost and aftermath want mind control banned  and not on web sight  we want health and lifes and to a 115 118 and more leave her a lone and big brother big brother say no to mental hospital and other crime control minds to say in sane children need to be found  dont give her eletrics shock and a round her neck from big big big big bother who no whjere she is

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