hello as lesley…

hello as lesley is on world wide press and u sa and so on and to links as to other govs who dont a gree with torcher and say face torcher and contro when looking at the mirrow and show people and saying snow white  look as you said they dont own google and yahoo and bing and computers full stop as every one needs one as to even militray as printed on web sight they show people with self arm and show people lesley age with clear skin and they show others and to who is nothing to do with the mccalla and lesley ok now charllie sheen was on the tv they show him back all most every day and they show others as to play games ans to life and whta they been doing as they twist things on the web sight as lesly was forced  to read small parts ok now he got is life and loved ones as to tops as to brothers and father and so on as to the gods look people was on earth 3000 years plus  a go who give others with in 21 centry to play games with a women and hurt her lesley life with other loved ones is private as they a gree all from the ups and down and the drugs as street control drugs she took as printed on web sight look her first husband it was private and delroy james was when we had fights ok and all wished lesley to be happy as mind body and health ok and even no as to mind control take over as to words to be to faces as to words but it was private and still is lesley eye sight will be ok and great and lesley hair will as tops printed out grow thicker be fair look charlie sheen as is private life and is women and there happy and many more like them who give the right to hit lesley face show human hair and show men with women who got great hair and skin  and who give the right to show docters in white coats and so on you are super tops and no the truth as to lesley as she been on web sight for 7 years the flat jane had she happy in lesley and makeing exta money and flying out  but she can never go to u sa and russia and other places lesley can and mari can not and 1000 of others can not ok as printed on web sight lesley done a lot of copying  they show her skin neck and show her as to say royal minister and useing voice control  tjis is nothing to do with the sheen loved ones as there roots are u sa  and border and lesley loved ones there as well and gran children as or loved ones went to private shcooling in u sa and the gran children will as to pay for it as you do  lesley loved ones in britol works and pay the state and the mccalla  they hit lesley face and say its sore  and show women 10 years older and there skin neck its your docters who print things on web sight a bout lesley with love and to all races of people to stay fit and well and great ages  and as to skin who give the riight to get lesley to by cream and not use it you said you get the truth with links and no  and said leave her a lone and others uk  look in uk bristol lesley as had to meet people with mental health some clever and some not as to mental health and some dirty and its sad and some who dont like docters well its up to them if they want to get illhealth  not lesley loved ones and that gade and kim and as others are great ok and leave lesley a lone she makeing no xtra money as to others she not useing the state as loved ones puting money in to it and as to others in u sa and so on leave them a lone as well they do the same so what is going on as to welfair to play games and think they can play the docters a round there littlle finger not fair as there is people who what health and there mind back and a life and to be happy well i guess there is selfish people out there but one thing how far is it going to get you in the long run   lesley mccalla happy lifes health mind and body world wide

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