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  1. rastameaning says:

    hello as lesley as had eletrics as for all most 10 years every day thank you for all you love working with lesley mccalla and printeing her on world wide web sight now as they did as other top printed on web sight to no if other play games as they show little money and flat and writeing and other people rich children and they did as printed takke her mind thoughts overto call royal names as printed and its a crime you swear as super top top and print what you want as you said nos govs military computer as well as its people lifes lesley hair will stay on top of her head and they now prove a point when she gos out to show people to her as to hologram work they show people clothes as to royal control but as web sightbe carefull as to china and russia as to women and children as they like human hair they control lesley with there power as to call royal names as that printed now on web sight and a crime of human act as to others she met people years a go who act with eastenders and was seeing a girl now women who dad did as well ok and show are sex act it was great do it turn then on and show a italy man who was control on strret drugs from stpauls could go on he bless lesley hair as he met people as well who read the news in bristol and went to china as russia usa say as well they looked after women with therefaces with in the network and traval and lesley is sane they hologram all day lone white men with blue eyes and say mental health and and so on so russia as to super tops lesley physics will stay ok and get fitter and hersight will allway see andher human hair will allway grow and face lookedat her flat is to small as she needs a ife and clothes and car and things to by as printed as she give her flatto jane abbott 40 cothem road cothem bristol bs6 6dp as the docters give lesley that one to get fitter years a go lesley et her teeth done o yes as to holograming as you no as to super tops and the way you found out lesley tellingthe truth asyou print this they show charlie sheen and brad pitt look they done lesley nothing and they got there private lifes as well and health body and mind and loved ok and loved ones why show lesley hologram work and beat her and try and use docters to read her mind and take over her thoughts as web sight say with in uk look they got there own top top top gods and loved in u s a they control lesley to not put word right some time and youno its not her thoughther life as printed on worldwide web sight she and others of great will get network sorted out andshe the one the most to doit as web say and others getting praised for it and she sat there being abruse and they play clever as to rich and now poor as web say that a crime govt with voice control they say out of that flat show other rich people and say hospital stright jacket and white wall and so on its crazy she ned a nice place as other got threw the network and otherstill makeing large a mount of money and she no people who are and booking there flight tell moe love and my thought are with you who help lesley the most and telling the world what she as done not just the rest they choose to print on the web and the news with in uk lesley mccalla world wide love health and mind and body

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