hello as lesley…

hello as lesley mccalla is moveing ouy  as to the flat as she is moveing ouy as sunday briken in to as to m15 seen it as t

you no a crime as to unicon etes so hight ok now had to drink hard but ok moveing ouy next week ok now nexy door was brioken in to ok wicied evil evil evil crime ok moveing out with other top scientidsts and m15 m6 ok love lesley o yes lap stop not woring wrint 

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7 Responses to hello as lesley…

  1. rastameaning says:

    hello as I spoke to fortbraggs as you know want to close the house jade in as its not with in the law as to means ok and jade need love like my self and with others help it will happen my face heal and lips my own clear skin full as it was black and blue need rest up to late at nights gods help ok my bran scan was great as you got the same scanning tables in usa body flesh heal peace

  2. rastameaning says:

    sorry one word wrong brain scan was great and all way will be voice control must stop and there own words and rape thoughts ok arm skin firm no mark on it as it was hurt as well got photos ok ok ok ok ok

    • rastameaning says:

      look brain be great look hit lips after control mind as to traval words as to mind take over as to some one I once new and hit them on websight show as I got how they can traval words as to speed be for you say some thing as to mind control crime great things are changing and looks like mind control be the thing of the past look spoke to fortbraggs base they are super they will be found you don’t hit lips skin on a women who as face hurt and no clothes to wear and so on to control ok my lips skin normal face ok as you no other spends years of creams and money more then other would pay but all the same don’t hit nose neck forhead arm legs foot cheeks and mental health crime as to Lesley flat got red I black monarchy royal alarm as I got paper work to prove it and where gade is you don’t put light over eyes sounds over eyes and hope then head move in a way you can not stand ok large fortbraggs base with love who love will help hospitals save lifes with scanning tables and help s people move on with there lifes as well you see there happy sad we want people to be happy faith will destroy evil ok love all any ages races we are not numbers to be used we are people

      • rastameaning says:

        hello Lesley had a little row with china man in the shop said move a way when you see them cook I said get a door there any way it was a little row but I said try to make me say it loud and the computer over my face to fill a gain any way left the shop said keep the money shame food great and why tried to play gamesas well when I got back to jane old flat with redand black on the wall as to alarm as they got the same as most as on Gloucester road I make it body life and as other china will say never mind all for gotten hair body minds as you know a china great as all most sit on my hair thick all over front all over love peace

    • rastameaning says:

      Don’t hit Lesley front neck skin and when walking with stick after the car ho
      It her to the floor it’s to level both side the same don’t put computer a round her to lower the right side. When walking and hit the face the same side and lip and show skin lips of others walk straight both side lips skin clear and face skin don’t show skin neck of others as her own late grandmother. Would not and got her own world mind body to see me keep mine as to love

  3. rastameaning says:

    Hello I make it body mind it’s been a long 17 years so long for what we’ll as said i will make it thanks

  4. rastameaning says:

    I make it every one love happiness mind body xxx

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