hello as Lesley mccalla is on world wide web sights as to crime UK as to voice control and hologram work she as prove of as Lesley wakes up under mind control they get her as many words are put in to sentience they get one word to say you slip up as to twist the words as to the royals  as to mind pathologist they have try ed as to mind reading OK Lesley no no women as to Kate to sit down with as to dinner and so on and go out with the show human hair and try to get Lesley to say a bout human hair and show her hologram work  now a top scientific face as a china man blessed Lesley hair to grow thick and longer as to a women with great thick hair and a blessing  now Lesley don’t no nothing as to the royals and to there history as schooling was not good Lesley would never say bold as to a women as to human hair as she on website as to women as to human hair as Lesley as grow her for 24 years an not cut it but had to as to toucher and growing back great as to top and bottom and underneath OK Lesley got her own life as to web sites  they show disc work as to  recording minds and to telepathy as to blank out there words as to voice control  as soon a break threw as to this world wide to not do this to people as others are set up and others lies  Lesley as got the prove and great UK might be the first as to other Lesley as met on the way she as had to lend money as they will get it back as to Lesley mccalla crime in UK and on Google and other web sights  she will make it read threw the stories even on web sight to the army  they give there way as to print it on web sights as to read  and she was strong and mind well as good as it gets to understand they evil games they play as part mind control  that the past  Lesley will move on as to her life for the better and see other get well as to mental health as they never new as to there illness and get great loving care and with great ones  that all i can say who felt it and they try ed and it was hell  as part of mind control and what a fight she had to go threw  as not to let them win  that the only way i can put it as to mind and body as to drink as well  could go on  but what the point i did it  so happy life’s and health and mind body and spirits every one  with love and care older and younger  Lesley mccallla  mind control crime

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  1. rastameaning says:

    hello world and to others who what better for people with love and care as to health and mind and body ok as the russia web sight as put lesley mccalla on there books as to the crime held in uk to a women who wants best for people as she do as she as been threw hell and back ok now the hologram work is a crime as others want it banned now and looking in to voice control and mind control and want it banned as to 21 stcentry and life is good not just for the rich but can be better for the poor life is life and its human rights to no that and to sort out mental health as to kim she harmless and gade as web says others as been playing games as to lesley well its mind games with other people she not a fool and took it no more she dose her own things and will be happy as part torcher her hair as grown great and thicker and on top of her head and will do so some where out there she is loved as to her mind and body and will make it and move on to better things as to normal day life she will drive a car and get her flat done the way she wants and so on as part of the network seen others do and had great lifes and still doing so gade will move on and be happy and pills cut down and her own great mind back and get her life on track as to being in a menatl hospital for all most 11 years so so long as to others thank you so much for noing its a crime and mental health to put on any one and to use it as a tool lesley mother who past a way would say the same if she was a live never do that and wish it even to mind and body bless her lesley life as said will carry on and she will be ok as to 12 years of metrics and hologram work and years of voice control nothing last for ever as to that means she took the shit and now time to rest and get back on track she will be fine people now to her is not the same she dont mix now only with loved ones others have been hard to her and with mind games there self its not nice to no a women going thrrew this and they play games and lies there self to this woen never mind what minds as now it time to stop puting people as hologram work to her and hit her skin neck as others in the network her age and got houses and so on skin neck ok never touched as top scientifics docters world say she a young women back of uk world wide as they play power to her and dont mind the rich in uk as to her age haveing young skin neck as to her as russia tops world say stop holograming jane abbott to her as she 10 years older and othes ok lesley is with a different means of life and clothes and home ok that got there life and mix with others ok as lesley loves all races of life leeny her so called friend is not so close now never mind life carrys on and get is money back in time and they hologram people as to even brad pitt as from the tv and others part of the game noing they are happy and lifes as to body and mind and health its games and to lesley and to even show hologram work as to people getting on with it and so on and makeing money lesley get her and yes she seen a sports z3 bmw she byeing over and just under 3000 she get one and keep looking and saleing as others say the prove and get her money there is lots of people in the world and would help for that as to the prove she as as said great guys out there and great life more then any one could dream of having so be fair and stop doing this to lesley and being selfish time to leave her a lone as she lost a lot even her baby she was going to have and time go on and now can not but there millions out there who dont have children as well dont mean your not human life is life and health so that all to read with love and care to all races of lifes world wide a very very good bye from lesley mccalla who will do well

    • rastameaning says:

      you don’t show spiders going over eye skin and show then computer eye skin damage and show other people skin and eyes as people having children later on in life in there 30s and when there all most 10 years there 45 years old like Kate will leave fucking Lesley body mind life flesh a lone OK as evil will die and children will not for you and your gran mother and farther OK will who went to Ajax with white people OK and then police there back off with your computer face other people keep there hair and don’t as to your military and the queen fuck up people face age them and force drugs drink on people OK its there private life’s fuck you all murders you even do it to your own and leave people eye skin a lone queen scientific and there mind reading as well as to mind control crimes Lesley as people charring children for birth will get her own face lift with doctors now ok and new veneers ok will and people hair stay on there head when having a baby ok evil evil-as to you and military for seeing women under control will be found

      • rastameaning says:

        Look handlers. Back off from her as she needs to recover the a buse say fortsbraggs USA and jade make it and Lesley will body mind now stop Pip of welfare ok get it back as to back dated ok they o me who gives the rights for this well as said get it back no sofa to sit on ok need new things as well Jane as others as in the Area body they have hit is a necklace neck and as to breast and near belly lips in Gloucester. Road and try’s to take 5 inchs of the height. When walking with the aid I will make it body mind voice control with a buse get out of my life

    • rastameaning says:

      Hello it my neck i will as super tops fortsbraggs said see lawyers OK David Gardner stay in a room in side s church got prove my self and drinks and when druck shout in the street in the room got new stairs put in got a new shower he say but still claim benefits welfare and pip he say as i got prove of is own words he been there a few months but drink and get very drunk ad he as be for the only timed he stop when in prison OK he knock a women door as she know him she I’d a Italian Russian OK i have known him all most 10 years from this area only OK i don’t like to be sat in a flat who Jane Abbott give me for mine and show holographic work to control and hit my body neck and show and skull no bastard control my future as from now ad to be for to meet people and thought clever Jane got picture she painted to give to charity to the Mayer of Bristol city council for children in need and she get benefit welfare and pip where is mine i got no money car home life no TV as they computer rise over how i view it it been long cunning years and ad tops say i get justice my neck is mine not to be touch and same coat on every day after the car even in summer they change and got sun tan all over the year no garden sun tan coat on and had to wsk
      The same road and had to sort out money and a bout the spare bedroom tax i make it get a new place and get on with my own life lot a money still out there i see a new flat or house life’s carry on mine will like others and great ages in the world

    • rastameaning says:

      Put me on a place now to look for a other place i want a nice one i give Jane one happy

    • rastameaning says:

      now spoke to main fortbraggs as said no one no one use there name as to a crime control a buse and use a buse on face control and military army crime ok as to control as to mind control its what fotrts said as they hate satanic a buse on women and even any age in northcarolina forts braggs USA dont take the piss of people who care ok and i spoke to them and others was earing ok as to there state ok as to its a crime and hit lesley face lips and face and all most knocked her to the floor ok as they know who part of this some where ok and made my life hell david gardner seen it and he is a italain ok and from wales not scotland or there other place they are usa is nothjing to do with this a buse if they are as main forts said its prison

    • rastameaning says:


  2. rastameaning says:

    hello as Lesley will go to USA and get lawyers as top courts as other say crime in u sa and London to let this carry on OK and will get a payment as from Google and yahoo and Bing and more OK as life’s are not a joke rich or poor Lesley nos the web sight are worth a fortune and now as say on web sight pay meant as to this look be fair even now u SA and Russian ans other no war crime gives other money and so on Lesley get her for the truth and face pulled back life’s carry’s on Lesley be OK and we no its filter by the sovereign but its a crime to lesley mccalla poole as Buckingham place as to the big house they said on the phone lines as to them its a crime and nos Lesley on web sight

  3. rastameaning says:

    as to the web sight i was a bout to open they took the password a way from me ok as to mind control they hit me show president as to u s a and hit me and show charlie sheen and hit me they control me the other day and with a man slim and with voice control say you been use and its a crime Russia said to a Jew women if rich or poor and that not a way for power the web sight is evil and lies as to mafia and to killing as to even charlie sheen they show me is hair be for he had it done well is wife got there and they show cocks up the ass and in the month and show crack pipes and show doctors and can of larger show govts who say they control women and porno as to mind control in stpauls and show charlie sheen to play clever as he gos on a bout is money on is web sight and then hit lesley face and show a peace of shit and show the words health farm and rehabs and help and sat torcher and hit me the palace said it will help find out who and nothing to do with the queen as others look at there bases as to army minister as u s a dont nothing to help and with rich people they love and as other work for the courts lesley take it to court as to the web sight if other want to play mafia well price to take you dont threaten a women and her mind and her health and others for a sicken web sight ok not in uk and from others to u s a

    • rastameaning says:

      I am nothing to do with monarch lies YouTube. A bout. Other. People faces and underneath there real face colour. Of eye great the computer. Face there walk with a and physically. Is not there’s look so real ok I have lips skin clear face ok no computer on my face to create there code network marks on lips even for health

    • rastameaning says:

      as said jade make it body mind ok

  4. rastameaning says:

    even other Roth child hiding said stay a way from her eye skin face body health skin neck life’s carrying on will kate want to see 50 years old and plus not having the queen computer as well over people life’s with govt s and faces and prince Andrew as well and wife OK nothing to do wit Lesley ok and other black people and there faces no one a witch to hologram matches to burn faces and nothing to do with the crimes Vatican ok Lesley skin neck her place as the rothchillds hide all over the world leave lesley face body skin neck she WILL WILL WILL have face skin and eye skin lifted life’s carrying on queen military crimes you done she will not die for you liver lungs body heart hair stay on her head and will ok as the women who came to a German black man house her OK front back all over who stand next to man who shave there with blue eyes ok back off murders royal from Roth child s to Lesley and who sat in jane abbott flat where other people been ok and kurt and lesley keep her own arms skin ok and eye skin look at and face lips and skin neck liver will heal as black Africans will say

  5. rastameaning says:

    Base usa say stay of her face skin neck you don’t own Russia usa milltary and rothchids never do it control this way and to Leo firm

  6. rastameaning says:

    Hello you don’t show historian torcher ok hit legs so when you want to Stench you can’t control you on the road hit face and control you to stop when walking it’s so wickedness well on website and spoke to main fortsbraggs in north Carolina and as from now any one take part and knowledge of mind control abuse it’s a fine and can lead in to prison it’s on website plus spoke to forts Abu
    About this in USA I make it body mind peace

  7. rastameaning says:

    Benefits be sorted out ok again

  8. rastameaning says:

    Hello benefits ok want to give me money to pay to bills what a bout food other bills other things to keep clean want my money ok

  9. rastameaning says:

    Hello I don’t need hologram work to see and voice control and trigger hit mind rape thoughts as I swear I told fortsbraggs over the phone lines said a crime told pentagon said crime even said I was hit on the road I told the truth I spoke to army said crime spoke to white house said crime get justice spoke to UK palace said crime justice i spoke to UK mod said crime In Uk all great and kind they never new the intense of it and wickedness of it but it was long bitter years and hits as to trigger assaults to my body and the mental pressure I spoke to and how great full I was to speak to main fortsbraggs most people can’t I did what great women and men and pentagon as well they was cool and the army lawyer as well he said justice plus others as I state great to know others care and it’s wrong to control this way
    Thank you all

  10. rastameaning says:

    Just sent paper work to get my benefits back all of it back dated both benefits

  11. rastameaning says:

    I been treated so unfairly I would not of tooken the flat of Jane to give her mine if I new I been years years as well can’t sit in the garden for years only once only in the other place I give Jane only once or twice ok the place I give Jane is large in side out side she done the garden with her own money barbeque so I never had the 17 years all most in the area and be for I came to the area I never never had one as there with great kindness’s knows it’s the truth

  12. rastameaning says:

    As forts said no one threats a women even body when she harmless I make it body my mind is great but up set time heals

  13. rastameaning says:

    A bout time the other side of real forts Braggs new it’s wrong normal way of thinking say leave her a lone let her get on with it and be happy in her own way like others are

  14. rastameaning says:

    Don’t hit her with hologram engineering ok body sensitive to hit now on body spoke again to real fortsbraggs they are great it most stop she a women just 5/3 and a half in hight

  15. rastameaning says:

    Spoke to fortsbraggs hate abuse and on body ok any thing to do with mind control that’s hologram voice control ok as it’s on the websites mind control abuse is a serious crime I make it as to body mind enough now I need normal rest ok by the way Jane do have a nice place I give her it’s large

  16. rastameaning says:

    Now spoke others in USA they new straight away what I was talking a bout and they was great when I said mind control thoughts reading hologram it’s was so so great well USA as great Army films so on it was great to talk to sane people don’t get me wrong spoke to a few in Uk but more in USA even JAG lawyers are great needs. To get to the real parts of large fortsbraggs as they just said for the monarch not going to USA but as have and still want to I will

  17. rastameaning says:

    Don’t show older man in hologram form to Lesley ok don’t show hair to her she keep hers long thick like others in the world as and grown it there self’s don’t use computer. Hits to body looked on website. To mind control abuse ok it’s a crime control and to control any one as to change them I make it mind body

  18. rastameaning says:

    As I got loved ones in north Carolina they don’t know the hell I been threw and UK kept me a way a serious crime ones in UK as said loved ones don’t know others I seen be car hit me to floor on Gloucester road who bottle me and robbed my gold plus top end to Gloucester road monks park near the army place a few years a go the one who got a fracture forehead skull they are ok getting on with life home life lips skin face ok watching. Tv see loved ones got women the women got men see friends you know I want freedom when I tell this hit lips in sight to neck skin there s left a lone they bath change clothes could tell more what the point look tell the intelligence to not use different voice as to man women

  19. rastameaning says:

    When I say freedom for jade and my self as clear as day to here there computers voice there free aren’t. They look. And little jade and my self being saying that words for all most 3 years now

  20. rastameaning says:

    Look I spoke to Fortsbraggs USA and said pass it on to main fortsbraggs I said a few words she said ok it’s not fair on jade ok it’s been long day years go by mean selfishness and me in this Area wickedness more so in the flat but hits out side it on Gloucester road on the face why control this unhumanised way I make it body needs rest be cause of it long years the feelings when they have hit face body some times painfull and other times can not explain it’s so unnatural I make it little women I am

  21. rastameaning says:

    Look get them of the key board and stop hitting my body

  22. rastameaning says:

    You don’t use technology. Abuse hit lips neck say older in Jane Abbott. Flat and she got Lesley flat hit her lips when eating get her to throw her dish in the sink say with voice order

  23. rastameaning says:

    You don’t hit lips ok her loved ones back 1000 s of years got black skin loved ones ok look Lesley same clothes in this Area mixed with men older over the lat few years got no rights. To use physical control on body neck and show ropes chain and it neck I am like others say in large state USA young Xxx,,

  24. rastameaning says:

    Jane Abbott. Lesley Italian Jewish. Women give her flat for Jane great in side it’s large like a 3 bedroom house lots of stairs in side nice size bedroom kitchen toilet. Lot bigger then mine that place was for me and jade but jade as say no more right now a bout her story ok but look how cunning it was to get me to give Jane the place she happy got car on drive. Great will say fortsbraggs north Carolina. Lesley is not going in to a care home ok maids. Butlers. In a row as Lesley not rich but she make it Jane dose others do nice garden Lesley waters churches river stream holly Eden poole

  25. rastameaning says:

    Don’t hit Lesley face use hologram as excuse and show people I met ok in this flat ok Arab ok and others happy a faces of to other women and leave Lesley body a lone hit belly the middle side neck it near rib cage all most middle breast bone back legs ar face forehead skull with abuse toture my eye corner. Dark depraved. Of sleep but artificial pain to control my arm electric shocks to arms a cross body hair grown back thick all over and front as I got a bag full I saved as to prove as well my hair long now all most sit on it it’s ok the thickness the hit on body as made me sensitive it’s been hard no tv for years as they computer over it to move fast to let me know I am watched when they hit lips it hurts then hit neck down to the middle and past until it reaches near belly gotten the a warm unnatural. Feeling look that’s enough. Now ok say with voice want you out of the flat the one I in and said the same be for to the other one show Jane Abbott. The evidence. Of hologram work I got she was ok she still loved the flat and wanted it and happy and I told a few people they say there experience was not the same but had seen things got some of them chatting on live recordings. I make it body mind

  26. rastameaning says:

    Look don’t like physics control ok even when I walk a cross the road some time control me to move forward quick the right leg firt movement and it’s not your way to move that way or stop that way it’s crazy its hard wickedness. Look I don’t like on my neck physicals ok I breath leave neck skin body a lone its been years of a abusive. Tortue and there fucking voice so time when I here them as clear as day I here some thing be hide it like a room that is how can I put it like its padded out but there a light hollowness echo sound but not its strange only a few Times look on website. After to see this don’t t my way to look got paper work prints but looked at voice co trol hologram electronic stalking dreams so on I make it body mind heal but don’t like lips hit neck body control my home life bath food money I don’t have much holiday clothes could go on credit card don’t have bank don’t have on websites. For all most 9 years got paper work prove told others in USA on my side because they are stable men women could go on but not

  27. rastameaning says:

    As fortsbraggs 14000 years knows real history. Of the name they was given or used as kings queens lands and more Lesley and jade make it body minds as to others they got there own as to there children so on ok Usa fortsbraggs my self jade freedom

  28. rastameaning says:

    Hello lost my children ok and all most die as to the bleeding after I give birth ok the child past on as I say to a mother place with love got pregnant. A gain lost it thew the abuse I could have tryed a gain but I could not as to the way I was treated with hologram voice control abuse with in Jane flat you don’t hit parts of the belly control me in there hit face show holograms as I looked on YouTube. Choc bloke. As to mind control crime lots will 100 percent. Win there case it me to by cigarette ok soon give up as people do and in joy as well like some do weed ok now look no man as the rights to abuse he could be married he could be two people as mind to control this way could be ok hologram man in a white teashirt did not see much of is face look the voice did recordings ok of there’s to transfer back as well it’s now on YouTube. As to the equipment as well some older now I been abuse as to A crime to women looked seen on website. As to CIA mirrors why hit my face when I look in it and in the street my friend Italian say it’s German Italian M16 M15 got it on recordings is words ok now I mixed with dark skin people my face left a lone my friend knows Jane who I took flat of is Italian I just found out they are he says German but not as to German border. Of there own flag born in UK London would know the main British

    • rastameaning says:

      O yes told you I had a bone removed from Jew with the tooth on the left side but as you know I get it done look great soon o yes I spoke to others in USA they was great Jewish hard core. Men I get my bank count soon

      • rastameaning says:

        oyes Kim out soon of the hospital been there over two years for mental health she be ok happy to be home jade make it she be out of care home for mental health get her own home to call it home she still young and be ok

  29. rastameaning says:

    They been using. Abusive voice control been hitting me in the flat on websites. Say fortsbraggs. Say it a crime in USA got prove stored well leave me a lone then

  30. rastameaning says:

    He been hitting parts of my body for hours ok show it hides it I just been in hospital as well the feeling a round my neck down my neck to the navel. It’s not nice to feel it as well and nastie sounds a round my ears and over my skull some times what a matter with them fortsbraggs with there technology. Could trace them I need rest and my body to recover ok body mind I am near a church to say love heal and then get on with my life as there are two churches school training swimming. Pool ok do you understand me heal

  31. rastameaning says:

    Oyes fortsbraggs. Is a large army base ok

  32. rastameaning says:

    Hello still been using. Physically a buse with computer a round me he is a satanic abusers ok he get off on it as to there own minds look going back to loved ones as to dark skin African. Egyptian as to 1000s a year don’t know it’s pirated as I got paper work state as to the colour. In the flat red and black meaning monarchy. Uk London only or part Scotland or where else they got crimmal crime website. Say as main fortsbraggs. Would. Say and it

  33. rastameaning says:

    Hello look church priest s don’t come in to this fortsbraggs 14000 years plus ok Lesley as no sunshine for 10 years and jade over that on body was on pills for critical Vitim D pills for a few years made it level great but still. Had to cover up body no garden ok hit neck slide. Computer. Over the front body and as hit me to make me cream with artfilal pain to control

  34. rastameaning says:

    Hello had benefit papers back no money but nice to reply back ok as to Pip Atos ok now it’s from to see if I have to go to court. For low rate I get as to the car as that day I got ran over had appointment with Atos that morning. The appeals. Centre. Is in Bradford I got to send it to ok it’s been it’s been as I know all most 3 years a bout my money I win get it back dated great news look I don’t like men hologram in y flat now it’s from African to Arab now Italian s and then they hit face look as you said as this is UsA website. To found out who walk past me ok and they got loved ones face ok body loved ones there self some been rich where did they really. Get money from well that there own story

  35. rastameaning says:

    If wicked ness not one point to women who had he’ll and truth I make. USA true what websites. Say a bout wealth hiding. Places to see life not every one with wealth mean bitter to control others people life what they can do how they can live in there own home what money they can have some crimmal s want free lifes

  36. rastameaning says:

    Got prove ok USA WordPress.com.USA on this website. Show a church. Address. To northcarolia. As fortbraggs well have respect. And tell then ok hologram. With royal my friend Italian. Say there with intelligence it’s them who hologram. British look needs. Sunshine I got frickals on my nose sun shine brings them out got photos. Of them as I was born with them like others are in the world and USA and light hazel. Eyes

    • rastameaning says:

      Look fortsbraggs. As there are different.places base Word press.com tell now in the road fly a cross the skull feel like a round small ball to give you a strange. Feeling after I just had some small cake hit me on body the same feeling

  37. rastameaning says:

    Look handlers. Back off from her as she needs to recover the a buse say fortsbraggs USA and jade make it and Lesley will body mind now stop Pip of welfare ok get it back as to back dated ok they o me who gives the rights for this well as said get it back no sofa to sit on ok need new things as well Jane as others as in the Area body they have hit is a necklace neck and as to breast and near belly lips in Gloucester. Road and try’s to take 5 inchs of the height. When walking with the aid

  38. rastameaning says:

    Look the voice control very much drains me with a buse as well ok it in the flat and not all parts of Gloucester road only certain parts of hit

  39. rastameaning says:

    They use different. Voices ok women man not English. Then a British. Voice the a women voice dubbed to sound different hologram. Historical objects ok they show writing in sanity the abuse as to men on a women is disgusting disturbing and not legal as other say and spoke to as well ok other British would agree And USA be fair. A little women I make it my good men and women

  40. rastameaning says:

    look use voice USA ok now This Is On Websites. It’s prison for men who use long term abuse any rank ok you don’t do it and that from north side

  41. rastameaning says:

    Monarchy monarch not all are wicked with intelligence corps people made govt intelligence. Religion could go on so I am not a preacher. But I get justice

  42. rastameaning says:

    Look I am a human being ok and jade

  43. rastameaning says:

    Tell you this once only the other people I met are happy ok and moved on with there own life’s

  44. rastameaning says:

    Right look on websites. As people do ok USA fortsbraggs ok a bout Russian. As you know my Education. Is o ok inanes came up as to Putin as it would. They hit me ok silly control they are nothing to do with me they have there own world ok look went to the dentists. Ok needs work doing all good ok operation command. forts Braggs USA

  45. rastameaning says:

    Every thing some times pick up on IT. And hits just hit the skull depraved. Of a full nights rest want me to look at little things on website. Then starts. Not all the time use voice control abuse. As well

  46. rastameaning says:

    Look spoke to whites a bout it ok said justice. Ok great ok now as to mind control with voice control as there must be a few to do this one to use the voice other to take words over the other to translate. Late it a cross the mind other to what you to say after them what they want even as to thought’s and even what you tp repeat. It it mentally. As well as to thoughts wickedness

  47. rastameaning says:

    You don’t control hit different. Part of a women body and use voice control after car Accident a few month after to now use hologram work ok hit me on Gloucester. Road on face in sight to neck skin and hair stay on head all over thick and neck middle. Part clear firm ok like millions. Move out to a nice flat of my own ground floor like the one I give Jane Abbott. Ok in a house nice kitten bathroom and bed lounge nice size Neil’s is he happy

  48. rastameaning says:

    Great looked around as you know I said cleaning up and in my blue holdall pocket as there was a nother department I found plastic Jesus. I could not be leave it in was deep in a pocket other things did go missing but a few things turn up

  49. rastameaning says:

    Look main Fortsbraggs. Got very powerful. Men who don’t like a litte women hurt or used soon they will know. Leave jade Lesley a lone and have our. Life mind body ok my money is poor right now no credit. Card to go to go back on keeps me a wake ok when others rest there mind body and others to heal

  50. rastameaning says:

    Plus there is good British. As well ok

    • rastameaning says:

      Look this is unfair ok as said there is great British. Who would agree as well all i want is freedom and our life’s back and little face as well ok not world a free ok the world is priceless the people in the world that counts not all are bitter or on a power trip it’s my point. Of view sorry if it don’t sound right to other but others do have a good life and happy let others be happy right now to there own personal mind ok

  51. rastameaning says:

    Look told the headquarter s USA north Carolina and said lawyers I get good ones as fortsbraggs is different. Bases ranks’ and lots if not mostly. All as to stableness would say inhumane. Control you don’t threaten a women with writing. To see and hide with a technical way they do it use a voice of there’s to say what they do and show historian. Hand cuffs chains and write so fast and it enter quick. To see and say Electric shocktreament and when look at photos. In the paper of certain. People like news papers only in UK not USA ones from London Uk control better stop

  52. rastameaning says:

    Don’t like to under mind thoughts. Interrogation. As to even there voice the same time ok there other Army scientists. Who don’t do it as there a lot of truth on YouTube. Now or Army military on Websites. Say for mind controls look read ok great stuff it’s coming. To a end who wants to pick on a human all day as to mind reading. Playing clever as well no set up thoughts love mind physically body more to life right now and as said in joy great ages life’s as it will carry on the world priceless there will always be human life websites. Great I do try to learn my self

  53. rastameaning says:

    Ok as you know I am Scilly ok Jewish ok African peace love body minds I heal body get stronger. As to have I liife been a prisoner for to long freedom and little face cheers forts and hair longer thicker front on top china who cut it years a go said it grown back long and stay thick

  54. rastameaning says:

    Creator. Ok fortsbraggs. Unfair to jade ok and Lesley ok USA Lesley make it seen USA healing. The body from head to toe ok as to my self and jade make it ok but as said selfish. Bitter wickedness. Control cunning. Ok from others plus my benefits. Money I get all back dated plus see after xxx,,

  55. rastameaning says:

    Who give the right to hologram a women to Lesley she don’t know or right and others ok if my mother was in her younger day say how great she looked and how lovely. She was well she past on and would not take her only daughter. As others Are not in UK a way health mind body

  56. rastameaning says:

    With voice control say is voice not English. But monarchy British. Only as lots of real British. Don’t know say let’s get you looked after probably. A way from monarchy And jade her life been he’ll others. People in USA as website. Say in northcarlina people get only two years in prison still come out fit no pills control different. If is was genuine. A bout health then heal your body but not to control mind body that’s a crimmal crime not all take kindly. To that

  57. rastameaning says:

    Want the mind reading thoughts voice over with and trying to change others and there feeling of there own to how they can live and control over get the right people not pick on people 20 30 Years down the line I have had enough. Going on a bout sanity. Health life gangs sex hologram. Other people face body hair money little jade it’s unfair get a life. Your self and leave us a lone and in sight to life age seen great ages on website. I got prove off needs are own life mind skin flesh body spirt feelings’ good bye

  58. rastameaning says:

    Don’t take the piss out of fortsbraggs as I spoke to great people ok I seen and knows a bout the creator. That north Carolina put on websites. To read a bout got copy of hit ok now they can found them with the creator ok there is no place to hide hit my skin legs took the piss out of me and show with hologram others human skin legs left untouch as other lies works with hit get large suntans artfilal pain to scream all he went on a bout was me from year 20008 ok when hologram some one other super super tops and USA creator. Of good love kindness found out and love me for hit ok large fortsbraggs. Who knows a bout abuse mind control crime and if use cult technology medal’s. Gone and your arm or military. Cards ok and can found scientist. With them as YouTube says now and there different. Life’s and hide outs as lots printed now over the last few years don’t hit a women who got to walk and no care and benefits. I have not had nothing but paperwork. I have prove off for all most 3 years and all way of late be for car hit me to the ground say have to see me a bout if they want to give me payments. Or stop it just stop it a gain as to march a gain at queens charlotte. Bristol ok sends a bout court to get it back crime Atos get part British USA on UK TV ok legs left and body went to Dentist seen Greek. Guy he great about my teeth did say need in plants as well but put a cap on as it cost money creator. Of north side almighty. They show skin leg 4 years a go in hologram image the women who bottle me ok legs skin arms and wear short skin to show legs off smoke drugs top lips skin left a lone as fortsbraggs. Will say no part of USA. To get in void with this a buse only justice ok like pentagon defence would say which. Is normal. 17 years of hologram a buse is long enough and jade ok be for this flat was a buse could not even put mirror. On the wall and in this flat control it to come down for years no mirror. On the wall to look in as normal. Home life all it was control abuse not one day said a bout age when others do and have good lifes

  59. rastameaning says:

    Jade needs freedom her body mind she needs freedom mind body ok body mind long life and Lesley her auntie ok mean it ok you don’t put Lesley in Jane Abbott. She had and play clever ok she got a nice place no care home nursing home or for over 55 years as they say here in UK I think that still young. People work up in there 70s and still classed great and great retirement. I say still young as I looked at website. You are as to how you fill only can’t speak for every one but I would try to say fill young keep well and good out look on life as I got good paperwork so jade on e again freedom and my self others got there own loved ones and my self and jade in control of are destiny that to have a life jade come off of the pills abuse control as to stop for Lesley ok USA northcarolia it’s bitter control they are. Older then us as well some younger then me older seen nothing and jade crime control mean it you know what even Whitehouse. Said justice. As to even paperwork. And others but nows it’s northcarolia stable caring. Human being s freedom Lesley jade long life’s as to her father. Would want and my gran mother father mother

  60. rastameaning says:

    Look USA fortsbraggs. And as I phoned I can not being hit on belly show others say she small with voice control plus keep jade not to even see come out to see loved ones for Christmas. Birthday. Easter. All over the the 10 years on the creator of almighty. Not ones who believe. They are I am telling the truth jade make it body mind and my self justices’ be done sort out benefit and then xxx,xxxxx

  61. rastameaning says:

    Spoke to main fortsbraggs. Almighty. Creator. Ok said tell Fortsbraggs. As to tops ok ok try to mess up leg skin after they wanted me to look at denim. Shorts cover them up for 10 year no sunshin on them and body and arms wanted me cover up when others had sun tan ok look on websites say you should see what he was Tring to do and had rally Catherine. Ok other ones I seen on TV USA a women in her 90 years old had it mild and a few children great gran mother and others did not in there 80 years old. The men who I pay to put right is older you get and not as to speaking is English found them

  62. rastameaning says:

    Look the a buse was evil control and want jade free so start to get the truth as to the years of torcher but I phone up pents said I get fortsbraggs. Technology to trace them but not in all of the words I just put but get them to stop the abuse they thought would no find but will seen how tops you are to get the truth no one as the right to mess up people life’s children ok mind body flesh skin

  63. rastameaning says:

    On gods almighty USA got print out on my xxxxxxx say military Army leave her a lone on other it say scientist with hologram images and vibrations. Of electricity filling and to fill the shocks’ I know there a other word for it but I would have to look it up ok control the same time as a image to get up set a bout it and put pressure. On me to up set me I got prove and others on live recordings who as witnessed. It

  64. rastameaning says:

    On almighty. Gods gods gods gods gods gods gods gods gods USA USA just hit the back of the leg wear had fracture. It was pain from Army chief and shows corrupted satanic. Priests ok now website. Army said prison or house arrested as the website. Say any one with torcher a buse and will get the truth of the truth of the way they been treated they know everything even if use a form of magic. They found out even dreams

  65. rastameaning says:

    If the papers make out a bout hips knee so on a bout legs it’s mostly. Been lies ok make up news of course. Others don’t mind well don’t get others you want to by hit play clever ok like fake news ok now look on websites. It is real as to this information people as to knowledge as to level. Of satanic been arrested popes’ priest Army chief royal military. In USA sent to prison for abuse Level. Of CIA many more top ranks got the truth as to even torture they thought they would not found they did it’s on website hope they never would they did no one got the right to play clever ss to controls abuse pray in churches’. So on meet other people and play clever to other people life’s ok just for money life style s some have to know others are under control let go back then a few 100 years more then where they came from to reach a levels they are today

  66. rastameaning says:

    Met to Arab men after one used him as a excuse I had electric. Shocks other word for on websites. For mind control abuse they control me and use hologram images. To bully me a round when I mix with others who rest but play clever as my friend said as to the area

  67. rastameaning says:

    Ok he hit belly ok it’s unnatural. Hits to a women who lost children ok in the area I was carrying twins got the prove my self so young tinnie

  68. rastameaning says:

    Look on the truth about queen Elizabeth 1st north Carolina over 500 years a go and others the real truth great stuff but nothing to do with me as fortsbraggs USA say 14000 Years ok fortsbraggs. As I seen Army women with super long thick hair grown it there self I got a USA brush I some time use as it’s advertised on website. And a afro one for long thick hair in yellow ok great stuff

  69. rastameaning says:

    Look get them not to hit my face body ok guys who care fortsbraggs. Main ones ok I spoke to people in USA forts who care ok and jade it’s not right normal or fair to keep her they way they have ok no Christmas Easter for years my men 14000 years fortsbraggs. Be fair I no history. So do you get super top lawyers my friends

  70. rastameaning says:

    Look guys want my benefit. Back all off it ok i got my coat crest of Arms I was born here 3000 Years plus ok fortsbraggs

  71. rastameaning says:

    Look hit skull head look fortsbraggs. Main fortsbraggs. Not what you advertise mean real fortsbraggs. Ok this is a crime control ok great normal people who hate torcher abuse dreams same clothes. On been he’ll ok hno abuse enough. I had a car hit me to the floor face black and blue part of the body need my life back rest home life see others

  72. rastameaning says:

    There is British good guys as well and women as you know fortsbraggs bless

  73. rastameaning says:

    Look no one in there right state of mind thought’s would hit face lips every day to control a human being use voice control say about arm body ok hit under right foot show hologram inmate of a other human to control if man women see my self and Jade in a situation. As to control no one edits on websites. As to fortsbraggs name with out real main fortsbraggs to found out who don’t agree. With abuse control if it’s hit to see or a computer to fill who read minds look it’s different. Still not right but if you see the person. As human as in front of you it’s up to you to report. It or forgive as people do but a buse when it’s a image in s holographic image. Form to control

  74. rastameaning says:

    Almighties. Od the creator. Of fortsbraggs with hand of honour I got prove as to other great knowledge as now even more skill it’s was monarchy German control and military as well and why. As they said get other to walk past me knowing. I was under control. Crimmal s who done it as ages older then me and in there 30s with other. Faces on there body nothings. To to with Italian look a like they put on websites. Leave neck body lips skin a lone as still young ok now real tops fortsbraggs. Main knows about real history of wealth as to real flags made up palaces great made there own money stay out of my life jades ok made there own churches. Religion they made for there self it expended to even wealth for most as the website. Say the real ones who worships as to would not do this do me and jade or others notso twisted spiteful and are sane righteousness human beings to my lips skin not other women who age forced on them

  75. rastameaning says:

    On the honour. Of Fortsbraggs. Main base 14000 years plus it said on website and prove as other lap stolen said men who torcher no matter who they are what titles. They have prison forture

  76. rastameaning says:

    You don’t use a feeling. From neck to belly bottom and a few second after belly swelled. Up it’s a very unnatural. Feeling it’s wrong to control ok seen you tube on websites. As to body from northcarolia it’s super to love and care there tops don’t a buse her say main fortsbraggs USA

  77. rastameaning says:

    When Lesley speak. To Army fortsbraggs USA and Army USA pentagon and they here conversations. They should back off they care enough. To say see lawyer a good one like they said explained that with care UK I spoke to operation command. As well to Explain. They was great said what I most do in Uk they know the law and USA is very much forward filmed great In USA websites sorry I was behind. So much but great to have in sight to knowledge the best I can cheers

  78. rastameaning says:

    When others say things on YouTube. My joke to call royal names from USA they hit me over it and it’s others who know history. Very well ok they read what I read see what I eat chat show hologram. Images got to help other like a support human said look after your self lime USA said and love your own loved ones in the flat is in the hallway. A red little. Box ands it’s red black I seen websites. It’s Army or military. Ok M16 know that I move to a nice place like janeabbott got of me with out it in the flat ok main fortsbraggs. uSA fortsbraggs. Usa fortsbraggs. Usa 14000 Years plus

  79. rastameaning says:

    Look get over 100 pounds Fortnightly end of the month want me to pay bills I have no money for would be little food if not any others with out address. No benefits ok took the piss other say

  80. rastameaning says:

    Ok keep rally out of this but others don’t pressure. There. Women other have got who do they as to watch me think they are USA back off from me ok fortsbraggs Usa north say that as there is lots of humans happy as well

  81. rastameaning says:

    With the who made day light night times mathematics ok fortsbraggs. Main base USA USA USA USA step. In trace them pleace they want fitness money for there self who want to control when smoke pulled to pull it out they control me over the mouth phone USA lawyers who are million. Air billion. Airs in north Carolina phone up fortsbraggs. As said it’s a very large place going to the right ones now

  82. rastameaning says:

    It’s army and there voice hologram. Image ok chats as to here voice ok to a little women as to even a buse but but fortsbraggs. Main technology pick up where they are USA

  83. rastameaning says:

    back off from me ok neck left a lone skin clear lips skin body. Ok now Italian. German and other’s. Have there own border flag ok as USA will say ok as USA would say

  84. rastameaning says:

    Hello seen website. Got prove my self as to science wireless body hit part of mind control crimmal abuse say website ok control me to look when they get me to shout and words sentence. So fast as to mind control ritual abuse even when looking for. Walking Aid right now play games in the flat on my own with voice to here as plain as day to found some thing and not when a few things gone get me as to thoughts. Control now as to David Gardner. Who said it was German control got him on video. Recordings as to what he saw in hologram images ok try to get me to say things on my own a bout. Mental health pills as you know it was me who brought to the attention as to mind control abuse as to mental health this is not all way the right way to control a person I don’t like abuse or physically. Control as to health ground s as to physical. Control to get to any one health this way as there pills for a limited. Of time only other wise it’s a crime control humanity ok now why as to mind thought play clever to words take over thoughts lasted a bout. 10 minutes. To look a round the flat mention. Is name as to mental health so on I could. Not do that to any one as to games to control mind in such a way on my own and play game to there thoughts machine. Control thoughts reading playing clever set up thoughts mind reading as websites. Say from websites. As fortsbraggs. Knows USA there different. One ok they say it diffident ranks who do this on website. Great stuff a break threw to the crimmal who want mental health in such a wicked. Means and to put in mental hospital. When control in there home it’s a crimmal offence for there own enjoyment. Cruty abuse mind control hologram images voice control electric shocks website say Army ss been a part of this control and scientifically knows a bout this a buse with government as to a grade ok all on websites. To read bless keep strong not insane but abused mind reading technology is a crime with out your knowledge say websites for in sanity read learn and freedom

    • rastameaning says:

      With is abuse there is but not all the time as website. Say a women in this some where if in my case when on my own bully use voice control one sound. Like a German voice or a other language. Dub out as to say cunt so on it’s German David seen and a other man did as well crimmal. Crime control no matter how others look at it normal. Guys say crime control abuse

  85. rastameaning says:

    I am no punch bag or to be used for no one ok fortsbraggs USA got great technology. To track them down mind control abuse is a crime hologram images voice control electronics stalking see on website

  86. rastameaning says:

    Look baby kitten I call him is a Bengal ok and he fights with me some times and cuddles. Ok he no robot for food to get fat I know him ok he lose weight naturally ok

  87. rastameaning says:

    Main fortsbraggs. Who knows a bout the monarchy abuse crimes no skin cults look clear face skin lips full hair left thick body health heal jade pills free cut down got get copy of real crime UK USA where people get off the case physically left a lone in great shape want the guys who teach them to wear medals’. And had to learn as to a case there teacher are called the high-test bless I make it and jade body mind like others. Have

  88. rastameaning says:

    Get the best main fortsbraggs. USA as to technology. To get there voice control ok the the mccalla is nothing to do with this ok look he rude with inmates voice money do charge people for the better good guys tell you that nice home clothes baths food holidays’

  89. rastameaning says:

    Looked spoke to a lot of human ok things get sorted out for me and jade lawyers compensation USA thanks

  90. rastameaning says:

    Ok they are some kind of wicked control freak ok be for I moved in this flat Jane had as to Jane Abbott. To look good in her 50 years plus not in her 20 30 years had toes operation as she was born with deformities ok so she could wear high heels I seen she said that ok Fortsbraggs main one USA I give her in exchange. For this flat a large one with stair s very large hall way kitten bathroom bedroom in said it big in side ok two lofts drive way so on ok in this flat go under my feet to be painful. Hits left arm where it’s swelling near elbow so I can not move it ok cunts get off me ok no residential. Home p

  91. rastameaning says:

    On website. Say hologram voice images electronic abuse shocks are criminal control scienceolgie

  92. rastameaning says:

    Look on websites. Say prison ok going to a place near old market ok hit my face so hard all most fell and a gain and a cross the mouth use voice control as well travail. It a cross the mind as well it’s wickedness. Looks after others to get on with there life’s Scotland say on websites. Mind control crimes a buse is a crime

  93. rastameaning says:

    When it hit your body it like it go threw you then a cross your skull it’s feels awful and very abusive ok it’s not normal to do this to a women in a room see others get on with it and wants me to know and use voice control to say what I can do and where to go and a bout money food clothes. Ok but who bottle me can wear bath got house clothes every day and others who wear my chains with the gold cross on

  94. rastameaning says:

    Hello USA as this is A USA website. only Scotland. UK knows. Real history. As to few thousand Of years go ok now that them Fortsbraggs. USA nothing to do with Us As USA but no one got the rights to Use. Mind control abuse ok as they said ok people got there own life body money nothing to do with me and others. Stop hitting. My neck body and showing others ok

  95. rastameaning says:

    Look fortsbraggs. The religion. Don’t come in to this main fortsbraggs USA it’s been UK only for 17 years they are German as to torture wanted crime don’t get older men and younger to bully a women I am still young

  96. rastameaning says:

    phone up fortsbraggs spoke about paper work I have had For 9 years Explained A little as I said I get great lawyers’. They Agreed said no one use there name as to mind control abuse in so many words ok USA jade needs freedom ok and my self will get it as I spoke to others ok heal body mind life to see and in joy

  97. rastameaning says:

    Spoke to pentagon ok Got main Fortsbraggs phone Number as I Asked so great spoke to main people ok so great Buts said it’s a crime USA are so great as to who I spoke to and cares

  98. rastameaning says:

    As I spoke to fortsbraggs. USA said government ok from there base ok look said scientist. Ok now on websites. State that as there different. Type. Of government

  99. rastameaning says:

    Look my baby named blessing I call him a baby is no mind control it’s a loved what a super tops creator made from years as to Centry s ago long way back like most other living. Life’s was millions. Of years a go bless what a mind they had to it’s marvellous

  100. rastameaning says:

    Ok got super super great copy’s of paper work ok now spoke to Large Fortsbraggs in USA bases Army now UK USA handlers they know real history as I got a gold shied ok as fortsbraggs knows as even over 3000 Years a go like fortsbraggs. Even be for 14 ooo years a go ok life’s change people do but abuse is abuse ok and it’s not 100 plus years a go it’s now so justice ok on websites. Saying super tops lawyer USA and knows a bout medals. On coats no need to control with abuse it’s a crime

  101. rastameaning says:

    Spoke to forts a bout things ok as said government. Want my money ok mind control abuse is a crime hologram voice control military. Ok face hit so hard show some people hide it when walking is powerfull and make me go a bit funny the straight of it over. Face lips body when waking. Ok fortsbraggs. USA i spoke to get the high-test. To found them ok it’s all to do with money as well not just picking on people on websites. YouTube. Said looking for there hidei g places that they want forward to life’s there self luxurious. Places they got as well

  102. rastameaning says:

    Hello Army who as pulled out who Advertise on site know I am telling the truth will track them down it’s been long wicked abuse years and freedom for jade ok 11 years coverd up as to summer time and on Gloucester. Road no garden they wanted you to go out in they new it was truth in Jane Abbott. Flat she had as I give her mine Army will say as good guys not all are wicked but to women it’s a crime when there innocent and other picked up on there brightness. To life as to not knowing. Much good guys hat that freedom. For them mind body heal loved life long one after not seeing. Much make up for it the best way they can and in joy you agree and other wealth would

  103. rastameaning says:

    Look there different. Ranks of British. Over sea ok would link up with USA Fortsbraggs to get the Abuse of me in this Area when walking the street to hit my face lips under skin it’s black and blue as to face in sults and body they hit right side of lips near the nose tell there little. Games on Gloucester. Road Bristol UK who come to nose dress so know one recognise. Them back off I am no fucking joke to any one super top British forts USA got maps of real history life how it began ok don’t need people second. Face of look put on others they don’t have there self to play control game I Am top British. No white British. Ok medtrainan

  104. rastameaning says:

    They use supernatural weirding as well take over feelings spirts outerbody a few time hit to the body show object. To control hit to lips and body to feel it’s been he’ll over the years abusive control he’ll voice to here a few of them one to disagree with the other show men walking a round on websites. From USA army said men who abuse’s. This way should be hose arrested. As well show words as well been 17 Years 6 years in Jane abbots flat she had but 3 Yeats of terribly. Abuse my health pick up and heal no one plans my life as others said in USA on phone line said good luck I get it ok websites YouTube

    • rastameaning says:

      Jade make it and myself her mother keep house and love and happiness. Ok nothing to do with other I spoke to to USA operations so on as said it’s no one else. Can tell you what to do it’s lawyer and paper work ok as they know a bout history he new I was in England they was so kind as to knowing the real law great kind men women

  105. rastameaning says:

    Hit lips up to 20 times a day under that get you to say words as well as to words thoughts control wanted to see if this was true the websites. Say under mind control thoughts words take over so much more most as to scientist military as to ranks it’s so great now as it tell you your no in sane as to tell a bout laboratories. Who know as to hologram work voice control words take over trigger thoughts handlers. So much more I make it heal heal face they hit as to lips go on a bout house size so on show as well as to mind control on websites skin now I been on websites for all most 9 years and under its change I got paper work saying you brought it to Attention now as this most stop and control as they said I think it will and trace them down lips skin clear as you said arm left a lone s
    Clear as you said neck body. Hair eyes as you said as there millions. In the world is my eye I got prove hair grown back long thick lips skin clear a again teeth got prove body heal car accident I make it poor money very poor money I get more coat of Arms I am flat ok get a nice one others I see ok like other mix I know plan jade make it could go on thanks fortsbraggs to tell me who they are with out Asking. Don’t know thank operation command to help as to the real law knowledge to the lands as to real history. Of real truthful. Lawyers could go on good bye I make it and jade fortsbraggs. A big place and pentagon not all agree. With wickedness cunnings ness and don’t like torure see on websites and look at real Army men who cares

  106. rastameaning says:

    As forts Braggs a very big place as to Army as i phone up a bout some thing USA i breath great heart lungs yhey dont show smoke show written. To see and it sa scream in fast write to see and printed computer written bit of a cunning men as to control in this area as to others from St Pauls i met looking ok money happy clothes look like they choose. The ones and to see the other ones not so good same london as well it’s like British monarch only london stpauls in the Area martin give me Some prove I have as said Atos. Own me money

  107. rastameaning says:

    Like I said forts Braggs. Is very large and great bases ok and will get this sorted out to not touch lips to feel to get to me mentally as know one got the right for this no one got the right as other guy will say ok don’t hit any one face to control or feel it with mind control computer or mind reading machine ok no one got the rights with mind control to it parts of the body or make you unwell. It’s crimmal. Control as real fortsbraggs. Fort Knox. So on in north Carolina. Will say now as years gone bye but now life as change as Virginia would say ok leave me a lone lot of a buse to me as to this area to witness ok over the enough year satanic abuse is a crime and others who work with it as to knights Templers. And so on bless and find and let me have my life ok long heal ok I spoke to fucking good people in USA ok and paper work

  108. rastameaning says:

    When hit body with the technology. Computer it’s like a hollow feeing and it’s bone Any one USE Equipment for this way to control with Army or military or work with scientist Doctors this way will lead to Arrests. Found As fortsbraggs USA Are Equipped to Act And find as there are super highest

  109. rastameaning says:

    On web say government intelligence computer intelligence as to mind control abusive handlers’. Is a serious. Crime for abuse voice control images and control great stuff on web t great break threw they can be found and put a stop to this

  110. rastameaning says:

    Look wants Catherine Italian handlers ok she sold her self for years to Italian. Men smoke weed said she worked in Scotland. The money there is good in Sex workers. House that was 1998 wanted to keep it private she said

  111. rastameaning says:

    Spoke to main fortsbraggs North Carolina as to web get real Army involved USA Fortsbraggs

  112. rastameaning says:

    Few scientist as to CIA intelligence highest government. Wanted for mind control abuse Large Fortsbraggs. Great technology. Track them down mind control abuse is a crime to a human USA Fortsbraggs

  113. rastameaning says:

    Look the paper work as oo 7 As to UK now plus got pentagon number on plus got my prove told Tops CID operation commander. Northcarolia. Said scam as in other will not hurt me or control no control from any Army Military from USA can get involved. In this as it’s new times not corruption. Old history. Fortsbraggs. Would. Not allow. It and and cost UK to harmless women or men or try to make out ok British monarchy monarch jade her self make it ok celebrity

  114. rastameaning says:

    Prison ok don’t get monarchy handlers to control take over life no one as the rights to threaten health money home life read minds play doctors to read thought give in sight about human hair as to hair on top front eye sight clothes skin face lips other William. Is wife others ok walked passed me the Area is nothing. To do with name royal from London UK as other Top official say who know real truth history. As to historic ok they don’t even live in UK some of them ok so peace love and happiness as other would say mind body

  115. rastameaning says:

    M16 monarch British Fortsbraggs will step in ok as she phone them. Up said would. Tell others Lesley been in hospital a gain don’t abuse her with abuse tbe day she come out hologram other to her in there in and a buse after and give her a electric. Shock on body ok Fortsbraggs. In north Carolina. I phoned about abuse mind control even printed on web ok ok British m16 interrogate. Mind thoughts Army police crimmal Even Fortsbraggs wants them cock sucker’s wanted and there robots whores

  116. rastameaning says:

    No one will get a way with useing scientific torcher ok sociology use computer Engineering laboratory’s. To use this as to mind control abuse you will be found

  117. rastameaning says:

    Spoke to forts a gain must top as the highest heard there ok in USA fortsbraggs ok down load. Images’ holograms voice and writing from the place. They Are fortsbraggs. Know who is Involved in this be traced as well but must stopped. Went over my legs when I wanted to stretch wanted me to scream with Artfilal. Pain went a round neck ok show words as well say you go no where say a lot of rubbish. As well show Army clothes. Medals stripes. As well as fortsbraggs. Say found them it’s UK mean it

  118. rastameaning says:

    David Gardner. Needs love and support and get is own life back and a other place to stay and call home welfare benefits will help him

  119. rastameaning says:

    Look at website to chrismal. Electromagnetic mind control plus all on website. And YouTube ELF waves so much on there for a reason to ban it great stuff and DAPPA on there

  120. rastameaning says:

    Look other lies as o mark to chin my cleat china face only freckle. Ok as others no me very well had to drink but bracelet. As to pictures of Jesus Christ. On with angles on it super when walking on king street a round corner. Hit jaw face I could. Not have tooth out threw the wireless a buse hit but will make it body mind skin flesh ok as to forts would say had scan skull a few moth back all good never drink a gain for life my friends show my African friend got mark a cross chin no I have not as to I women and he knows me well seen it not so long back lots annoying summer plus super sun tans I had none had to wear coat boot 17 years now only a few times with out coat year 20005 was last time coat a few time off but coverd body 12 years with it on seen lke millions. In the world. Face cleat but great sun tans I need my next years even with fracture skull I make it and neck legs arm body don’t hit mouth jaw

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