Hello world!

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  1. rastameaning says:

    hello world as russia as printed lesley mccalla on world wide web sights and in russia her hair growing back great all over and thicker her teeth needs a little work on them no thought of her own shre over weight she will lose it as face will need wasshing and cream for now as eye sight ok for life as blood tests ok and will not get cancer give lesley the all clear as bathing and so on with water she needs one every day and change clothes every day and keep clean as she never could as others no they way they find out as to the flat near the church very poor in side but copeing as its need new bathroom and kichen as to her money she get her money as to byeing a car she wanted and new things for a nother home new as the paper in uk give 600.000 to one women as to print out from the news papers they no as russia nos and usa the papers in uk nos a bout lesley mccalla she been on websight google yahoo and bing and so many more for alll most 7 years russia and this alll web sight said dont show her hologram workand hit her face as they no rich people leley age with face clear and skin neck and very long think hair lesley as russiasaid and others on web sight she a great women who cares as to alll races and got the print out as to people health and mind and body and ages as to people over 100 years old to be ok and active as to mind as well ok it can happen as o 21st centry and people to day as older liveing bless them all well as lesley as been under mind control now in cothem for 12 years its been hell as to cyber who reads this and stores it the way you do as lesley got her print out she will make money out of this as there rich people and others world wide word a gree hologram work and mind control is a crime and others even poor people lesley will help he best she can and with other scientifics army to love people and get evil to get out of people lifes who need that in there own home to be under control and picked on for no reason for mental health the way people as gone threw this for a spinners money makeing firm who no they might be on lesley side now and say she cares she right and back of any way love peace health body and mind lesley mccalla crime uk the reason i write lesley mcalla crime uk as if you write the words your self it come up as to google yahoo and bing and jeevs and skype and more as love peace as there is some one who cares out there befair

    • rastameaning says:

      hello great to read as to people liveing great ages and now great news people face can look better and others can more un less stay the same as to a age 119 years as we read and others will with eye to see and ear and walk and so much more its great as time change as to find this out as web sight say love and peace world wide and health and body and mind lesley mccalla as say make it

      • rastameaning says:

        your dreams over as to hope go to a base and talk and then still be in charge and talk a bout it wel its not going to happpen that way as youtube knows a bout there games as well look as to other tell you a little story no cover ups as you realy dont knows who watching as usa fortsbragggs would say got the best who thought they was the best and got them bye the cock ok now david gardener and the women callls her self maria ok as had sex even play in side the church charles as he said is being a bused and its hell and sweeet as dave said got on recordings my self its hell so mean to a man who can not do much dave said she was hopeing to make plain with him as to marry holidays and more in her place she got a hospital toliet and to a little handlers on a other seat ok from the hospital as well lots of pills no right food and smoke on top drinks as well larger and more ok shouted at and so on david said its so so wicked ok as its elmgove road on that road ok they do do do do do not come near me and there sad life ok charle needs a life back not minds games lies shouted to as to me my physical boy neck skin still young no showing in the middle as to neck skin pullled as to make neck look holllow in the middle as to age or health control as my gran mother never had hit and millions dont only person i did see so so light was 119 years of age and it was so so slight bless i see lawyer as other said on phone lines as others gods in usa knows its a crime to a buse any one even with control

    • rastameaning says:

      You don’t threat Lesley hair and health loved ok she make. It USA And northcarlolina USA seen on web as to north 14 000 years plus

    • rastameaning says:

      She a nice women up the road who David knows s seen her a few time be for i met her the itaisn Russian she speak German French Italian Arabic Turkish she Sweet i new her be for David SD to see her when i was waking and had s chat

    • rastameaning says:

      One thing i have to say all the years i new David he got a room in the church well planned it out well but as said i move on i make it like others will i. Will control my own distniy in control no fate

  2. rastameaning says:


    • rastameaning says:

      hello aftermathnews with kindness as the russian do care as to now 21stcentry and thank you for printing a bout banning mind controlas to voices lesley as you said get the photo copys of the web sight and hold tight as to top lawyers i will bless you and your churches as to love and peace and body and flesh thank you for finding wouth the the unknow as to get the truth as to my life and saying it was brutal it was but i am liveing and will to a loder age you said back of royal cults and leave her skin neck a lone as she get it pull right you let other on cothem road be ok happy money and car and so on and dont play clever as to the royal govts screct service as to mind control and crime russia ant to sort out uk african cults in london and will and love lesley as now they no she a part jew as to great history and they got hitlers skull lesley move on and other now older and younger if you got no repect move on and dont play game lesley nos people and have talks in a other mean and have joke and up and down but harmless but other people who dont no it not your thought what they can not understand why others would see her starve as to no food and so on now where is the people that care s be truth full the network mess up she make it and face pull back and see peole she like and be free and lay back her body as to rests some as been hurt and some cunning as well now as she new and had to take part as to find out no more like she say she love people and life not to see with other and give her eletric shoke and show hologram work and so on and its unfair when she in places like easton its great leave her but playing clever its nothing to do with italy as she new men from there and happy its other who as been took over where do they come from and what planet leave her a lone and she mix back a gain with others who are happy and got there lifes and mind and done ok out of it and body and mind love peace to all people and races world wide as lesley start seeing the world her self as others she sat with as ovdr the years as to flying out and see he sunshine and sand and blue sky and felt great

  3. rastameaning says:

    hello lesley as had hologram work in a flat left by jane the evil as web sight say jane abbott as they hit lesley they control her to bow down and hit the human face and say age they show jane and others skin neck firm un touched and lips lesley swear as to top top mafia of the great scientifics who dont like evil and hurting and pain she get it pulled back they hologram prince charles and beat lesley up and it was jane and mari son who spent 33.ooo pound as lesley got prove and met prince charles and jane met other royal lesley nothing to do with old history torcher and will at all cost get her money they take her over as to words to scream out under mind control tosuit them and she metric shock to the neck and she people skin in there 80s and 70s and they show a lot as you no lesley got prove as to metrics and holgram world and voice control and eletrics on recordings and how they push the head with a computer lesley had cancer checks and all clear for life the flta she is in is nastieshe get a new one or bye one she on the web sight as to no mental hospital and health farm and rehab but as others want herstory sold and truth she as and others no it as to yahoo and google and bing and jeeves and many more she make it as top top top scientifics say and nos she ok and telling the truth and wants health and body and mind kept great they hit lesley socket bone and show dark eyes she needs skin pull back over the bone they hologram brad pitt and others and use voice control some times to tell lesley want to o and hit hers you said and othes a crime of govts and othes to play clever and see this happen to a women with secret service she got the top mafia who loves her and want her to be left a lone and love greed there selfs uk as they call them self that now and to the evil network they have will be limited lesley get her life back as they killed her children she took a lot but lifes carry on and she young if she was super rich from uk and had the best her face would be ok itcan happen as web sight say to any one but she great and others not to let that happen and she get her pull back she nothing to do with the white house now as it was year 203 that wiched her good luck and tell and there top top top secret service with love and care nos as to phone call over the ears and they love health mind and body and now as to 2 1 centry dont like women as to mind control in a ay of mean as they said on phone lines from u s a and others now so lesley make it as to top top loveing mafia and health be ok and pick up and as a nice china man cut the ends of ok look see the printening machine as to top scientifics love it there self they made it and credit cards and so money loveing great things even govts would a gree lesley get her share as to the evil hell she went threw houses and lands they made as well so be fair wake up and leave her a loneshe s had to wear the same clothes and not wash and look who made water for all he land would wide to seee and love and to sea and sand love peace and mind and body and others who want it as for people and its great as to 21 centry lesley see her loved ones in bristol usa and see others love all happy day and years and years to come and so much more lesley mccalla crime uk

  4. rastameaning says:

    hello its wicked to show other people faces clear and untouch and clear and hit lesley and show hologram people in the mirrow as when she lookes at her self and get her hands to touch her face and show jane abbott arm when she done self arm as she said to lesley she got her network that right lesley got hers and to show people cheek with lines on hit lesley loved ones would say leave her a lone and the mcalla who as nice skin and clear even in there 60s as people do world wide and women and skin neck lesley nos people in there 8os and they she she young and danny would and other s people got there own looks is it because she mixs with black people jane 10 years oldere a nd skin neck ok and maria hogan and there cheeks and lips and they are nothing to do with lesley and the mccalla and others as they said they got there network ok great lesley is moveing out as she like the flat but needs work doing in it as bathroom and kichen and she like the garden she never used but lawmos it as to the grass funny to say she dont use it when lesley looks at a child they show her the one growing in side her from the mccalla she was haveing a baby from never mind who ever made a human body 3000 years plus a go its safe funny how a human body can do that to make a nother human life but lifes carry on and lesley will as super tops as to every man and women and child world wide no matter what race and skin of life that you are he great and no man can stand a lone lesley face will heal and look how she want and her skin neck is her not a mean of computer work others play games a bout as said he or she or who every 3000 years plus a go was and all way will be the super tops so hope all and world wide peace and love and be happy no matter what you do and evil sort it self out and great minds and health what more can we ask for its not the world that great its the people and to others greed as to think they can play power others born in to wealth as to lands ok and some many people work so do lesley loved ones and the mccalla nd could go on as to so many names but as years go by its greed now as to others and if you think they only had the same schooling as to others and it was the oney one way to learn now its more so computer men love people for there selfs and understand others and others understand your selfs and get of that power trip lifes can be loved and to health and to minds never wish mental health and illhealth on any one andf to say you need to live this way that wrong and to pick on some one in there homes or houses and so on its time to wake up and others to play the game and think how lucky you are as people and dont ever ever put your nose up in there air to others life is human race and all way will be that the world for you of people thank you who every you are to say now is the time to look at mind control and to stop it 21 centry

  5. rastameaning says:

    Hello control with physics. As to put the computer. Over neck near wind pipe and hit then air then belly swell up show neck ok as to not real my own gran mother never had it it like in the middle. Sucken a bit as to skin but website lies Lesley still very young ok you don’t show historic abuse

  6. rastameaning says:

    Look it belly it’s unnatural. To fill ok I lost my babies it was twins so so tiny don’t need this shit abuse

  7. rastameaning says:

    Looking at websites. As to England. 3000 Years and more so great look I need rest at night like others do ok not kept awake and use voice control and abuse my eye corner. As to deprive. Sleeping. Is seriously. Dark need it to go

  8. rastameaning says:

    USA no one use engineering with computer as to lip skin as to royal In Uk who don’t have the face lips skin there self Lesley as others printed on said her lips skin clear full lips skin clear face skin neck body same clothes. No sunshine got the cheek to show lies other people face who bath ever day new clothes creams all there life’s mine body skin not there’s ok to control look as they want or abuse freedom and jade mean it mean it enough. Just had bone and tooth removed. Ok don’t hit me after

    • rastameaning says:

      the men who use the computer. To show images of hologram lips ok skin on top ok mean it want mine clear like website. Paper work say I got freedom for My My My My niece. Niece

      • rastameaning says:

        Fortsbraggs. Main fortsbraggs. Fortsbraggs. Fortsbraggs. Fortsbraggs. Fortsbraggs USA USA USA USA main Fortsbraggs Northcarolia bases great

  9. rastameaning says:

    Look got a video on my websites ok got it stored say words in s song ok song is song looked who say in Manchester. Ok wasn’t it great ok now travail. Certain. Words a crime my mind as the man website. Is USA as he lives there fortsbraggs. Braggs USA mine ok told truth on things hit me a cross belly in the streets. Hit on the skull to fill. Hologram images of others and use voice. Control a bout poor money I have ok now pentagon. Army lawyer said see lawyer to get some money as well cons pension ok he might of thought as I did not tell him my life in a rented solon flat he might of thought I had a mortgage. Credit. Cards car holidays. Children know it’s a crime as I explained but he did not know there past on the children. From abuse no home life no car no holidays. No bank account. No credits. Cards passport. No sofa wardrobe s fuck all unbelievable. How they wanted Me to live and no right benefits for all most 3 years go on a bout tribunal appeal that all it as been the letters I have ok it’s HM courts over money with the hands of the real law it’s my rights to have not for other to cut it down or stop it ok Italian. David gardener here a gain helping a gain ok to bath food ok as he under control. To spend is money on drink or others ok last time he needs proper. Care help ok and some where to live as a roof over is head ok got is own life I need to have mine money bath clothes hair wash life and see my loved ones ok niece still young ok I am and she is like other women men I spoke to on phone line still young

    • rastameaning says:

      O yes others can use my bath I had to use baby wipes on body I got to pay out over just over 100 pound A fortnight. Water gas a other bill cat food all most no food clothes toiletry ok I am a young women not a man and with hospital equipment. In the flat after car hit me to the floor that s toilet. Seat from the hospital. So when I move get a new disability. One after the car hit me ok spine strong. Hips body ok but don’t need abuse ok needs healing enough. Is enough

  10. rastameaning says:

    Ok he hit neck skin in the middle ok as websites. Say want it clear as young I am ok show others human neck skin ok show writing as well capital letters and then different. Ok no one threatened ok ok show faces as well ok the websites. Now say need to be found and will

  11. rastameaning says:

    Look don’t use voice control abuse about any thing and travel. It a cross her mind and hit her ok Pentagon said crime it is Forts said crime as they said I got my own life and it’s no monarch or others ok websites. As the men who I spoke to is no joke in USA they hate abuse

  12. rastameaning says:

    Get military. Of me my neck ok still young and hologram images in the street look seen YouTube. From USA great. As you know now a sillan Jewish ok cheers super tops USA forts look kept in a coat when other walking Gloucester. Road ok only one walking with coat on others in garden eating sunbathing every year for 10 years coat on all threw the summer jade sat in Jane Abbott. Garden nice sports car sun roof sun tan then holiday every years all most holidays money I have none very little mean little. Money benefits. Still not sorted out been like this as to year 2015 now 2017

  13. rastameaning says:

    Spoke to state USA fortsbraggs. Pentagon ok very serious men that works there

  14. rastameaning says:

    This is as tops intelligence. Was earing in USA fortsbraggs I spoke. To is a crime abusive. Control even other from pentagon as I said a bout paper work said a very good lawyers ok not in to corruption as to this case give me the money for compensation. And benefits. That owned and the case to do with shield. Ok theses’. Men I spoke to and women are no joke nos real history ok USA is very much forward. Ok sorry a bout this Area for most as to minds

  15. rastameaning says:

    Look my face as been it for years voice control to here it been got recordings of there voice as well been year 2007 there a clinical. Word for hits as part mind control

  16. rastameaning says:

    Control feeling sprit’s feeling and a bout age try to take your own feeling with there control look he like others to have there own life but with out much money but happy to see one holiday a year my be little things to buy in shops that suits. Them ok like certain. Dark skin people as they got control in a German way a lot more in a German way even if tanned there self with dark eyes not blue

  17. rastameaning says:

    Hello USA hours’ in front of UK ok military Army ok dont hit face hologram cock near mouth ok early hours in uk time just over 4 o’clock. Wakening. Me up when others still in bed resting others get up that time for news as well as in UK start 6 ok in the Moring. And other things ok spoke To USA fortsbraggs as there are so many there but kind Army men normal and other as to operation Army

  18. rastameaning says:

    Look fortsbraggs USA Army Rank are large to great latest technology ok I need lots of rest to heal my body face body abuse I had I will make it fortsbraggs tops Rank ok and jade and others

  19. rastameaning says:

    The main Army fortsbraggs going to sorts website. Law suit

  20. rastameaning says:

    The Analyst who Advertise would say prison or house Arrest And good lawyer’s freedom now long years a d jade

  21. rastameaning says:

    Look they know a few on websites look over the few weeks. Had a few things stolen by Gardner and word abuse I phone up police most stay a way even after the police said stay a way he came back and stole he now must stay a way from me for life and a way if it come to it tbe Area he can not expect others to ok Jane Maria so on

  22. rastameaning says:

    USA USA Base’s Fortsbraggs. Fort hood. Fort Knox I spoke to had the right as all said a crime Now government. Of you CIA intelligence. Who works with mind control or MK UTRAL Fortsbraggs. Is A large base Any one Say there Involved. With this as I spoke to CID Unnit in fortsbraggs. Base Army or to say satanic. They work with or found it’s A Army prison they will got to torture is a crime of any kind even in UK classes As crime control. Or crime yo humanity. For control for money as well

  23. rastameaning says:

    In other words got me tonmeet the people and they are or right SNF happy with now there own life’s OK leave me a lone my neck skin body and on the road women where there long thick hair down i will and change clothes seen the ones up in cliffon

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