Mind Control, Brain “Mind”Link Technology

Mind Control Brain “Mind”Link Technology… There could be conflict between the personal freedom to use one‘s economic resources to get an implant that will enhance one‘s physical capabilities …

Source: Mind Control, Brain “Mind”Link Technology

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Police state registry system being set up to track your vaccination status

Source: Police state registry system being set up to track your vaccination status

Source: Police state registry system being set up to track your vaccination status

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beat legs skin show older women legs ok and say had work done ok big brother

ok prince will went to stpauls with a nother face on is ok  show quenn beating mer show drink liver heart lungs show cancer as to other have and dont show  govts show my legs skin arm ok and other women my age body ok and show live eletrics you said you and other when found control and limted and there health checks   sorry some world wrong show skin neck show leg skin damage age and it wicked sicken crime of there show heat lines a cross chest show doctors  show black cocks women they like to set up as a pair older younger show skin neck skirt shorts on others show conputer rape show there self as mafia  my legs skin they ity is a wicked evil crime  i will tell other get paper work as you said older guys back off and royals ok great army comeing you  said ok it was me who said older lifes not them thay control me to drink and say a bout there ages and power you said fuck off  nice sands sea money lands  they go on a bout cocks money  got me to seee 24 hour news as to there govts ok hit me to drink got me to hit the waLL in the bed room mild ok as to the wall painyt is a lime green ok jane got in the other flaT OK  OK WHERE THE ROLLING STONES WAS IN THE PAPER AS TO TRANERS  OK SENT OK LOOK THEY HIT ME AS TO CLOTHE FOOD DRINK AND SHOW WORDS DEAD KILL CANT DRINK LIVER FAT BODY FLESH SHOWE OTHER WITH MONEY YOPU SAID  YOU SEE THE U S A HOSPITALS  AND I WILL HAVE IT PUT RIGHT SHOW  PRESDENT  AS TO U S A TAKEING TJE PLUG OUT THE WALL TO SAY OWN THE WEB SIGHT YOU S AID FUCK YOUR S ELF ROYAL AND U S A AND OTHERS DONT LESLEY HAVE HER LIFE BODY BACK YOU FUCKED AS TO FLESH BROKEN BONES AND WILL CUNT CUNT CUNTSD ALL YOU DO IS SPENT MONEY UK WOITH CRIME MAFIA A NMD WITH LINKS IN UK AND CLOTHES SAND SEA YOUR SELF LEAVE HER A LONE HER OWN LOVED ONES DEAD SHE AS LESLEY LIFE GO ONAND WILL OK ROYAL COUSINSHE NOT WITH FOR SEX AND AFTER NONE OK  STOP SHOW ING WILL WIFE BODY AND SHOW OTHER WOMEN LESLEY AGE OK BODY OK AND SHOW RUSSIAN

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they say u s a had you torcher ok get private satlites as you said ok

ok show in sight to arm skin hit leg hard show queen hair as not her but dressed as a nure and show white van show goverment president holding my hand makeing out iam danceing with them had to drink voka say your not going to usa just control me to write thing down as to paper work hope i doint get it photo copy ok

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hit my legs for wanting to waer shorts ok show black women in the winter wearing there

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you said control over other hit my legs show vain and some come up said made your legs a fucking mess

show other legs as to kurt one is is ok made out it had lump on hit vian ok show skin as to mike age 73 years old

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you said say the prove to u s papers i will in new york as you said people made there money

they say put the kitten in as they use kgb words as to say police hit my face said barsterd now hit yor face show the kitten control it ok england i want the russia in england head qarters as they hit me over tgem and my face said with voice control tryed are hardest and said that the out come your face ok say a bout celebritys m17 ss ok hit me over men they set me up with but not the mccalla and sex in this flat all clean i was ok no more useing as they got other women face clear scar free

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